Dec 22, 2005

The skyline of Madurai...

When i passed out of Architecture school and setup practice in Madurai, like every young blood, I had the dream of building the tallest, grandest building in Madurai. But I soon discovered that my dream would be fudged up by Madurai’s special by-law. In layman’s terms the aim of the law is this: “No building should be taller than the Menakshi Temple!” With this law you can barely build 5 floors (or 6 floors with some manipulation of the system). Darn! I was irked by such historic sentiments and was convinced that this law was tying down the growth of Madurai. I had even argued with senior architects about the demerits of such an age old rule

But with age, my aggressive perspective of things in life cooled down and I begin to see the city with more maturity.Standing on my terrace , I now appreciate the beauty of my city’s unique skyline at dusk. If not for this law, Iam sure the skyline would have been f**ked up by the overly dense minds of the Madurai construction industry. Long live the Law!

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