Feb 19, 2006

random kabul snaps...

kabul traffic...the only aspect of kabul that reminds me of my hometown.. 

traffic in front of old mosque...

more crazy traffic...
at last a quiet road...
DHL office..
new and old- juxtaposed !...an old mosque and Kabul business center, Sher-e-nov. 
another calm neighborhood...ready for spring!
These are some randon snaps I took today...forgive the quality of photography as they were all taken from my moving car...


  1. Hey.. Dunno how I got to this blog..:-)
    Anyways, You from Kabul??.. What on earth are you doing there??..:P

  2. Nice photos, i think in kabul the roads are not good.

  3. Wow! Those are nice snaps of a nice city. Thanks for sharing them :D

  4. the quality is actually pretty good...considering the fact that you took pictures from your car! Keep up the great work!

  5. they are very good Ashok...btw, ponnu peru enna vechurukenga?

  6. Hi Ashok,

    Today I visited all your blogs..Wanted to comment on many
    pieces..art- architecture..and also poems. On the whole marvellous. I loved the lady with bindhi painting you had posted. I used to use windows paint - I started using adobe recently..

    I loved the lady in red and other poems too..
    What are you doing in afghanistan..now?


  7. *vanathi...tanx

    *Ajit...welcome here. I do Architecture.

    *jeevan...u think so?

    *Rita...good to see u

    *Megha...actually its pretty tough taking snaps in afghanistan.People see u with suspision if u take snaps of buildings. Also its a conservative muslim country.cant flash as u like. So with practise,I have now become an expert in snapping quickly and discreetly from my car.

    *IBH..tanx. will tell u soon.

    *Priyums....Thanks for visiting ashokism.Glad u liked my works.U do well too. I wish i had ur time and patience to do such art works.

  8. Nice photos... hav just dropped you a mail.

  9. THE FIRST PIC IS AWESOME! love the colors!!

  10. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Very nice snaps. First time I saw something of Kabul.

  11. Ashok, I have been seeing all the snaps in your blog although didnt post any comments, and enaku oru question which I had been wanting to ask..the way you have taken some of the snaps leave a distinct impression of conveying something to the viewer, have you been involved in any of the photography competitions?

  12. i liked the last snap a lot ....

  13. ashok:-- mee too follow-up with usha comment.. When I first saw the photos of child labours I fell some thing bad and not interested in commenting on that...

    But all you photos depiciting some story..

    Good work...

  14. *Chakra..thanx.so kind of u.


    *Hiren...welcome to ashokism...keep watching for more.

    *Usha...I just snap by instinct. NO, never competed in foto comps. I have not reached that level yet.

    *Deepa...any reason?

    *Neighbor...tanx..i even received a couple of mails from friends not to post 'tragic' fotos.But these are not tragic when compared to what i see everyday - for eg. children and women with amputated limbs- lost coz of mine explosion. i dont even have the heart to take fotos of them.