Apr 22, 2005


Color Pencil (1994)

I did this color sketch for a Greeting card..but never sent it to anybody till now !


  1. Ur drawings/paintings/sketches are very nice :-)

  2. Ashok..as usual nice..BTW forgot to comment on the earlier picture. The waves on the sand look very natural..the wetness of the sand so beautiful.

    I need some tips for oil painting..Do you do many coats. Do you use turpentine to dilute the paint - What medium do you use to make the paint light. I am totally new to oil painting. I tried wet on wet technique..likes it for sceneries but I want to learn to put coats..

  3. A nice paiting of apple :-).

  4. Anuppa aala panjam (for you)?;-)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice pictures? Oh you must be joking you got to be honest those are horrible pictures, I could have done better but it was too cold and windy for me to stand around clicking away.
    Your painting and your photos are very good and amazed that you can produce paintings in 25 mins! You are a very talented person.

  6. where is the TV?

  7. chinna vayasulaye ivalo thiramai...it was wonderful...

  8. *Ms.Congeniality...tanx and welcome

    *priyms...i used turpentine oil and linseed oil.Its been more than 10 years since i did an oil painting :)


    *deeps...in fact i could'nt decide whom to send it ;)


    *shashi...tanx :)

    *I... ?

    *syam...yaarukku chinna vayasu ? :)

  9. send my address so u can send it to me ;-) ?

  10. Really very interesting art-works !!!
    I have enjoyed all the paintings of your very wonderful blog-gallery !!!