May 7, 2005

Sketch book 03 (Darasuram)

Pen & Ink sketches of the Temple at Darasuram near Kumbakonam...01.09.1994  

Pencil sketch of a niche detail in the temple...


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    :):) Nice sketches..
    been there... amazing place... One distinct feature was the way the pillars end.
    Generally it's a lion or some *nagam*, but here I could see an elephant faced Lion as potrayed in your first sketch...
    This place is so beautiful... u might find some fotos in this page...

  2. wow!

    I have been to that temple, as a matter of fact the other three lions hold their tail in one way and this guy playfully does soemthing different, if I remember right.

  3. Bell mandabam is great:)

  4. Anonymous6:27 PM

    nice sketches :)

  5. These sketches must have brought back all the good memories for sure! Gifted you!!