Nov 22, 2006


Pic I clicked in Darmapuri when I went to visit my friend Architect Sasi Kumar. The amazing colors and freshness of rural Tamil Nadu...


  1. hey Ashok,

    How are you? and happy diwalli, I was seriously hoping some pictures from/for the festival of lightsut any picture of yours is always a visual treat. Just got myself a Rebel XTi, hope to click if not like you atleast with some traces.. ;)



  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I gather that you are back in Tamil Nadu!(?)
    Diwalli, is that an Indian holiday?

    I often think of you when I read in the papers about how even more troublesome it has become in Afghanistan!

    Here in South of Sweden we have a marvellous Autumn weather. They say though, that it might depend on the upheating of the Earth, that eventually will drain ex. Bangladesh...
    But as Louis XIV said:

    Apr├Ęs nous le deluge!

  3. alias granny

    You might have lost my webpage.
    I call myself "den blyga" e.g. the shy one
    (On the contrary :I AM NOT)

  4. hey !

    long time ~

    what a coincidence .. i was travelling thru dharmapuri 2 days ago ~

    btw , did i tell u that i read abt ur blog in the newspaper a couple of months ago ?

  5. hello ashok...
    great pic...yet funny...

  6. innaba, aalaye kaanum namam blog pakkam.. enna bharathhi raja level ku going..

  7. *Nanyaar... belated diwali wishes to u aswell...NIce to hear that u have got a new cam...hoping to see some great clicks!

    *, i have not lost ur webpage..but i get very little time now a days to post comments . But i visit all my friends blogs as usual. NIce to see u comment after a loong gap :)


    *Deepa...oh! did u :) tanx


  8. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Nice pic. Funny too. Those buffaloes will certainly help lighten the woman's load though she may not consider it a favour.

  9. nice pic.Happy belated diwali wishes to you.

  10. nice pic .. how are you anna ... belated diwali and ramzan wishes to you couldnt read yoyr blog or other stoo for long since busy with placements work

  11. ada ada. Pudhu nellu pudhu naathu level ku poitel, pongo.

  12. The village shot was excelent Ashok!! how are u doing?

  13. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Glad to see you back with a comment.

    Now that I know that you follow my blog, I shall be better with English summary.
    The babys born on the 2th of Nov. are twins, now 12.We celebrated their anniversary with a visit to Denmarks famous Museum of Modern Art: Louisiana.
    Last week it was schoolholiday in Sweden, we had 8 grandchildren visiting!