Mar 25, 2007

South Court, Pune...

The highlight of my recent visit to Pune was 'South Court' - the hotel where I stayed along with fellow architect Ravi John. It was by chance that we strolled into this colonial villa . Its located at Koregaon Park , the same street where Osho's commune is located. The hotel, which looks like a "booth bunglow" at first sight, is owned by a rich old Parsee gentleman we were told and is now under renovation. If properly redone, it has the potential of becoming an Architectural landmark in Pune.

The front facade...Architectural remains of a colonial past...

The bird bath sculpture...

wooden stairs leading to the rooms...

long covered verandah..typical colonial arch style

Ornamental mirror yet to be fixed back...

high ceiling rooms


  1. This bungalow seems like the one comes in films! Very nice pics:)

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    looks lovely but how do you book it the phone no is a dark secret

  3. Anonymous11:47 PM

    the owner is not a parsee!