Oct 23, 2011

The Truth...

Photo: enroute to Pudukottai, 2006

The Truth is simple for men of every creed and rank
If you have the ears – arise from the blank
The mind is a monkey, unsteady and crank
T’will jump, swing and always confuse you with its prank.

The grass is always greener on the other bank
But once you cross the river, you’ll wonder why its lank?
Do you remember the lotus in the temple tank?
T’was beautiful to look at but when smelt, it stank!

Life’s not just a cycle where you ate and drank
A boat tossed in high seas till the day it sank
Every soul has a purpose – that’s my opinion frank
Believe you are the Best – go ahead and swank.

Happiness is in leading a life content and thank
His Hand that feeds you and shelters you from the dank.


  1. Many good truths contained in these lines, Ashok :) I like the metaphor of the mind being like a monkey and it's so true about the 'greener grass' ~ I actually have a similar line to that in one of my older poems.

    Are those palm trees in the photo? They resemble the ones here in Arizona but appear to be slightly thinner in the trunk.

    Great post! :)

  2. This is a beautiful poem! I love your rhyming scheme, with all words ending in "ank". I wrote a poem with a similar rhyme scheme, entitled, "alive". Thanks for sharing!

  3. beautifully crafted

  4. *Fiona -Thanks. Those are Palmyrah trees.

    *UrbanButterfly - Thanks. Read 'alive'-beautiful writing

    *Magiceye -thanks

  5. Anonymous6:19 PM

    So lovely! Life is so much better if we are thankful.

  6. Lovely picture, and, I am terribly sorry, but I had a stroke, and I couldn't understand your poem. I used write poems, but, that is it.

  7. Stunning picture and equally wonderful verse

  8. Beautiful depiction of life with vivid imagery and unassailable facts, portrayed with fantastic realism.

    Best wishes,

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  10. Amazing poem! We should all be grateful for what we have and enjoy the beautifulness of our lives. Love it!
    -garnet rose

  11. Well said - lots to think about!

  12. So true and Superb writing!
    Have a joyous festival of lights :)

  13. good lines :)

    The topic itself has a great meaning..and you have defined it well :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  14. I like the description of the mind as a monkey!

  15. The truth! Apt title..

    Every single line in this poem has its own power !

  16. Very beautiful picture. I appreciate for your wonderful post.
    Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

  17. Beautifully written :)


  18. Beautiful words about life. Thank you.
    Happy Diwali to you and family.

  19. blasting rhymes, beautiful picture and a wonderful message. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  20. Just loved it...