May 29, 2012

The India Habitat Centre

I greatly admire American Architect Joseph Allen Stein for his spatial planning , building proportions and his interesting use of materials. I chanced to visit  Stein’s famous building – the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, which was constructed in the late 80’s. Stein has used several design techniques to enhance the micro climate of the building to mitigate the extremities of the Delhi climate.

I enjoyed strolling thro' the huge courtyards and plazas at the peak of Delhi summer. This is a must visit place for architecture students, not because the Council of Architecture is located in this premises, but to witness Architecture of a very high order!

the large courtyards
the sun reflectors...

an architect admiring the amphitheater...

the refreshing atrium space...

Stein's favorite ribbon windows

the open stage & plaza...
wind chimes...


  1. This looks like such a calm and tranquil building, the courtyard so airy.

  2. This is an awesome campus !

  3. Wonderful construction with garden courtyard! It’s so spacious and leaving Way for free air, sunlight and green space.

  4. You would enjoyed the time spent there.

  5. very impressive architecture!

  6. very beautiful architecture

  7. One point for architecture.

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  9. Agree this is a wonderful place:)

  10. Always love to visit the IHC for its cool and comforting atmosphere. What a wonderful architecture. I also enjoy eating at the two food courts here.

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  12. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Wonderful work. The grandure, cool and comfortable atmosphere and the livelyness of the campus is the main achievement of this great Architect-Joseph A. Stein
    -- Ar.Deorao Bakde