Mar 5, 2013

I Love...

I love the break of dawn
The golden morning ray
To purge the past- be reborn
A new day, a new way

I love the noise of birds
Closed eyes , a tired mind
Simple songs , meaningless words
All cluttered thoughts refined

I love the ocean waves
To and fro , a tireless dance
Heartaches like footprints - erase
Drenched in a dreamy trance

I love the cooling breeze
A waft of scented air
With open arms, a moment - peace
Silent, exposed and bare

I love the flowered pathway
Meandering thro’ the landscape
Alone in silence - walk away
From burdens a sure escape

I love the showers of rain
Thunderbolts , a steady spell
Cleanse away my earthly pain
The inner blots dispel

I love the horse untamed
Galloping thoughts – dreaming wild
Riot of colors, picture framed
Jump high my inner child

I love the starry night
Infinite, mystic sky
Lost in thoughts - all quiet
Dried teardrop in my eye


  1. Extraordinary, the poem and the picture..very beautiful as much as the dawn, an everyday blessing!

  2. Incredible & beautiful yet expressed so simply !

  3. One of your best poems, Ashok...and love the picture.

  4. Lovely poem! Refreshing quite

  5. Anonymous1:58 PM

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  6. Lovely picture with beautiful lines...

  7. lovely post ashok .. 2nd one is too good !!

  8. The picture is very nice. Nature is always a treasure trove, if you know to admire and enjoy!

  9. And I too love this poem

  10. this is beautiful, the poem and the art.

  11. Lovely imagery, Ashok.

  12. Wonderfully beautiful!

  13. A truly beautiful poem - and I loved the image too.
    Early morning is my favourite time of day.