Mar 5, 2013

I Love...

I love the break of dawn
The golden morning ray
To purge the past- be reborn
A new day, a new way

I love the noise of birds
Closed eyes a tired mind
The Simple songs with meaningless words
All cluttered thoughts refined

I love the ocean waves
To and fro, tireless dance
Heartaches like footprints they erase
Drenched in a dreamy trance

I love the cooling breeze
A waft of scented air
With open arms- a moment of peace
Silent, exposed and bare

I love the flowered pathway
Meandering thro’ the landscape
Alone in silence, walk away
From burdens an escape

I love the showers of rain
Thunderbolts, a steady spell
To cleanse away my earthly pain
The inner blots dispel

I love the starry night
Infinite mystic sky
Lost in thoughts when all is quiet
Dried teardrop in my eye


  1. Extraordinary, the poem and the picture..very beautiful as much as the dawn, an everyday blessing!

  2. Incredible & beautiful yet expressed so simply !

  3. One of your best poems, Ashok...and love the picture.

  4. Lovely poem! Refreshing quite

  5. Anonymous1:58 PM

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  6. Lovely picture with beautiful lines...

  7. lovely post ashok .. 2nd one is too good !!

  8. The picture is very nice. Nature is always a treasure trove, if you know to admire and enjoy!

  9. And I too love this poem