Jul 13, 2013

Stone Henge , England

They say, a trip to England is incomplete without a visit to the much hyped historical site -the Stonehenge.Actually you will be disappointed when you get there -as all you see are a few giant boulders in the middle of nowhere after paying a heavy entry fee! Even though the audio guide that you receive will kind of make it interesting with some imaginative talk, you will still leave the place thinking was it worth coming all the way?!


  1. Sometimes such trips could be disappointing, Ashok!

  2. Really it is one of the most interesting places to visit in in United Kingdom !!!
    Have nice week and very good time there !!!

  3. I was told that it was not very interesting. So I didn't visit.

    I feel our 'periya kovil' etc. are not given much importance compared to these places.

  4. More expectation is not good enough! But I would like visiting such place. Beautiful capture.