Jan 21, 2015

Dubai Architecture & Heritage

at the historic Architectural Heritage Society

The famous Coins Museum

Court at the coins museum

Traditional lounge

traditional court


view from roof...

Coins on display

View from the Terrace 


wind tower

Traditional entry

traditional Door


street furniture

cart in the court


  1. The traditional door is gorgeous! And I love the small alleyways and the browns! Such a huge difference from traditional structures in this part of the world.

  2. Very beautiful pictures and very interesting architecture and heritage !!!
    Have a nice and creative day, Ashok !!!

  3. Thank you for the explanation of the architecture in Old Dubai. Love all the pictures and especially liked the one of you outside the Architectural Heritage Society. One of my doctors is from Dubai so I am especially enjoying this information to discuss with him at some point.

  4. We had been to this place just a couple of months back. We didn't see the coin museum. The ancient street doesn't look like old, I felt and everything is in sand colour! We went to one village house, which was also made up but looked very authentic with cows, sheeps, hens, ducks etc. Lots of flowering and fruit trees were there, like lemon, chikku etc. I saw greenery in many places and it is raining there often!

  5. Very interesting architecture and traditional works !