Feb 4, 2020

The Empty Well...

I stare all day at the scorching sky
I have shed my last tear
I echo my ache to the passerby
Hoping that he may hear

The nights are dreary dark and dry
Forlorn with shadows grim
I dream of the days long gone by
when water overflowed my brim

Once I was the village star
The maidens thronged my wheel
overheard their tales of love and war
And gossips I can't reveal

Now dried and drained- a life futile
Alone and left to fade
My only guest an odd reptile
that has slithered in for summer shade

Bury me I pray or save me I thirst
I hate this living death
Open I lie with sorrows submersed
A meaningless hole on Earth.

Image from Google


  1. Beautiful image and words. Valerie

  2. A wonderful poem which fits many situations and not just the forgotten well
    I really enjoyed this one Ashok. It made me think!

    1. Yes, Julie. Thank you so much

  3. Nice post and very beautiful poem !!!

  4. Vey impressive picture and words

  5. What a sad poem but very well done. I love the accompanying photo - fabulous touch!

  6. Very profound words to describe this forgotten well. I read your poem several times and am very moved and very impressed.

  7. Wow! So deep as a well and captivating verses, detailing the reality.

  8. enjoyed the poem!
    it is indeed sad if there is no water in the well.

  9. beautiful -
    very talented.

  10. The well speaks its past life brimmed with water and life...sad to hear its present life without life.

  11. Anonymous12:14 PM

    You have brought out the pain ,joy sorry and melancholic past in that quatrain.

    The lonely reptile symbolises ourl loneliness and enhances the pain of living death manifold.
    The unknown passerby is a good introduction.
    We meet such persons abundantly in our daily life.
    Then, we rejoice and grieve over birth, life and death disproportionately .
    Death inflicts mortal wounds on the living dead waiting at the gates of sepulchre.Despite knowing the certainty of death ,we grieve too much and forget too early
    What is point in rejoicing ang sorrowing over birth and death without realising the real meaning?
    Cows chew their food twice happily .
    Likewise we too try to digest the past leisurely .
    Nostalgia is capable of giving both joy and sorrow.
    We cannot recreate the past but definitely recollect.
    Sometimes the past appears much more beautiful.

    Arunachalam Swaminathan