Nov 14, 2011

My Days Of Innocence !

Nithila at work : )

Childhood days - life's best part;
Worries, burdens - not at all;
A mind at peace, a jumping heart,
A spring of happiness- sky tall!

Hide and seeks, scribbling walls
And little games of endless bliss;
Little mischief, tumbling falls-
The hurt was soothened with a kiss!

Soaring kites, spinning top,
The screech of a neighbor's calling bell;
Fish in pond and bubbles of soap;
Gave such joy - who can tell !

Comic books under desk at school,
Paper boats and papaya leaves;
The fun of playing April fool
And coming home with ink & grease;

Watching ants with a lens,
Playing marbles with a friend;
Building mud house, jumping fence,
Gave happiness that knew no end!

Sea shells, pebbles, bottle tops
And catapults were more than wealth;
Ice sticks, sugar sweets and lolly pops
Another bite - who cared for health!

Thro' the window catching rain;
Hunting earthworms, shaping clay;
Waving hands at a passing train
Are glimpses of a perfect day!

Home Works - O! Such silly stuff;
Very oft our plans they hinder -
But, God answered prayers-lights go puff
And playtime it was with candle fire!

Peaceful sleep, sharp at nine;
Sweet dreams of fairytale;
The Tune of life was far too fine
Than the songs of a nightingale!

A life of happiness, a life carefree;
A life content with simple things;
It’s the Life - you will agree
That took us to moon without the wings!

How fast has Time turned his wheel !
Why did those days turn past tense?
I close my eyes in silence to feel
In my heart - my days of Innocence!

[Today is Children's day. Iam re-posting a poem I had written for a College competition in 1993]


  1. Wonderful!!I see the poet in you.

  2. hey Ashok thanks for dropping by my blog :) U have a lovely blog too...

    Wow what a wonderful poem! Childhood days r the best days of my life too..the most untainted and pure life we ever live is during childhood only!


  3. Very cool blog! Thanks for visiting mine. Hope to see you often!

  4. you just discribed my childhood ...I read the poem to my daughter and she says...she now knows why mama is a dinasaur who refuse to grow up!!

  5. Very nice poet. I am frequent visitor of your blog but I am only reader :-)

  6. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Well, life always comes a full circle and now you can enjoy all that through your daughter's eyes!

  7. And I have (had) a copy of this poem handwritten by the poet himself. Will search seriously as to whether I can locate it.

    Ashok I remember you wrote this after the Meditract 93 poetry competition - My lost Childhood was the title for the competition.

  8. *Chen...Glad to know u remember :) I think I gave u the original. Years later I rewrote it from memory.Hope I have not changed anywords there...will be interesting if u can find the original

  9. i luvdd this poem:)...see u got me smiling here!

    thanks fr visitin my space...m gonna be back here for sure...

    keep smilin:) and tc

  10. Ashok, very nice poem..nostalgic after reading it..brings out the childhood memories...

  11. Ashok, very nice poem..nostalgic after reading it..brings out the childhood memories...

  12. Hi Ashok,

    Nice poem. Yes those days of innocence are gone but sometimes I feel it is a good riddance (the innocence, not childhood)


  13. Nice one took me back to the good old days....

  14. An Excellent poem, Ashok. Really enjoyed it. It brought back a lot of memories for me. To trigger so much of thought and to put it so beautifully in words, I realize how much you too value childhood. Truly Days of innocence


  15. *rajesh..tanx


    *keshi..welcome here & tanx

    *helen...hope to see u often too :)

    *Sarah....there is a dinasour in everybody that refuses to growup


    *anon...yes, right:)

    *ishita...went thor ur blog..its beautiful


    *sln...good riddance?u think so? lol:)

    *syam...tanx dude..welcome here!

    *srijith...tanx a lot.glad to know that..welcome here!

    *madsies...tanx :)

  16. Anonymous9:43 PM

    reminds me of my school days..Sigh!

  17. Anonymous9:44 PM

    oops, that was me, Kodumai Usha

  18. I believe we all mourn our childhoods to a degree. I wish I could return to the days when simple pleasures satisfied. In my little world I had never heard of war, bombs, abortion, apartheid, holocaust, ethnic cleansing and other manifestations of human atrocity. Those days of innocense are gone forever. This is a sad farewell.

  19. Nice poem ashok..Days of innocence..really blissful days!

  20. Hi Ashok, a beautiful poem. The more I read it, the more I loved it.

  21. well said buddy... loved d snap...

  22. Is that your daughter? She is beautiful and she's drawing with crayons.

  23. Very nice !!! and kindled a lot of memories !

  24. Anonymous3:12 PM

    OH, the innocent and totally wonderful joys of childhood -you've captured them so well in this poem.

  25. Excellent poem and it captured the innocent mind very beautifully. It’s worth reading while thinking back in memories, these are something almost similar to my childhood days and even every child would have experienced such and it’s completely remarkable and irreplaceable. I guess many kids today miss such bliss simply starring computes, TV and cell phones.

  26. your old poems getting a new lease of life through this blog
    btw, Nithila is such an unusual name
    and nice poem too
    written so long back!

  27. Lovely poem. It's making me all nostalgic!

  28. Beautifully written. Yes, the good old days... You made me nostalgic...

  29. Wonderful!!!
    I loved the line - that took us to moon without wings!

  30. Brought back memories of childhood days. You weave beautiful poetry using simple words.Fantastic stuff !

  31. Beautiful! Am all nostalgic now.. kucchi ice from a street vendor, kamarkat from the corner shop were big treats then.. i cringe every time i have to impose a restriction on a choc, a wafer, or a lollipop now for my kids:(

  32. Such nice poem!!!
    Peaceful sleep, sharp at nine--SO TRUE!

  33. Pic:

    The pencil colors!!! They were so much my fantasy then. I even remember their sweet smell… Feeling as if I am in my childhoods… I used to draw the same type of butterflies…


    As always, awesome…