Nov 3, 2011

The Rage Of Nature

Photo: Tharangambadi beach

The rage of the wave
  The wrath of the ocean
Swept the sorry nation
  To the watery grave.
Roofless homes, homeless souls
  Tossed and torn
At the crack of dawn
  On the tragic shores.

The cars are in the sea
  The boats are on the street
Where the land and water meet-
  What Chaos and Catastrophe!
There’s nowhere to run
  and nowhere to hide;
Nature’s other side
  when irate spares none.

The Whiteman on the beach
  Looking for a tan;
The brown man on catamaran
  Looking for the catch;
Vanished sans a trace;
  All to the water-prey.
Equal on dooms day
  all wretched human race;

Water, water everywhere
  But no water in the eye;
The tears had gone dry
  Lifeless, calm, bare.
The rage of the wave
  The wrath of the ocean
Shook the very notion
  That Nature man can enslave.

(written on the backdrop of  the Tsunami -2004)


  1. Nice photo and nice prose.

  2. "Water, water everywhere
    But no water in the eye"

    Moving and poignant. Beautifully written, Ashok.

  3. This is the sad face of nature...your last verse is great ~

  4. Just went through your art blog.

    Loved you poster art work in '97 ... the 'Abstract' work

  5. Very well written.

  6. As I was reading that Tsunami's furu only came to my mind... beautifully written....

  7. these are deep words, and I can feel the emotion behind them. thanks for sharing this.

  8. your lines are so powerful and deep....

    man is so stupid trying to master nature

  9. Nice write up :) God bless :)

  10. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Deep and powerful... I hope Nature will kinder to us than we are to it.

  11. As I read your poem I could vividly imagine the happenings on that tragic Tsunami day when natures power and fury swept away everything in its wake leading to unimaginable death and destruction.Did not what a Tsunami was till that fateful day.

  12. Nice poignant lines dedicated to the hapless souls!

  13. very true, nature can cause a lot of chaos...

  14. Beautifully written. The fury of Tsunami comes live.

  15. A wonderfully penned poem, born from catastrophe ...

  16. Wow! It brought the moment into movement here... well described the disaster.

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