Dec 24, 2005

Ashokism Award 2005...Kathal...

Iam no Tamil film buff. Living in Kabul for most part of 2005 , I didn't even keep track of most of the movies released.…But out of the 2 Tamil films I saw in 2005 , one is worth mentioning –Kathal.(the other was 'chandramuki' that except for Jothika's climax dance performance and Vadivelu's lighter moments gave me a head ache) Kathal- even though the same old love-story of a rich girl eloping with a poor boy, the screen play was a whiff of fresh air.
Balaji Sakthivel’s direction set against the picturesque locales of Madurai was refreshing. The realities of Madurai have not been better portrayed in any other movie I can recall. The typical Madurai lingo, the culture and the 'casteist' social life are beautifully captured


  1. Unga oorunnadhum pullarichchirukkumae. :-). But that was a good movie, especially the Madurai Lingo.

    BTW, Some andhra guy called Kunda from our college had left a message for you in my blog

  2. I should watch this.

  3. ashok5:41 PM

    thirumoorthy....welcome to ashokism

  4. I dont like both the movies.