Mar 25, 2006

learning polit(r)ic(k)s...

I used to admire this man in my student days...
Vai.Ko had such a huge fan following in Madurai and other southern districts when he was in DMK...
His hands were believed to be clean (at that time) and his stage presence had charishma...
I had goosebumps when he talked about Tamil Eelam and stuff in a public meeting..
He was an awesome orator who could bind you with his words if you are not too smart...
He was once believed to be the rightful successor to M.Karunanidhi in DMK...
I voted for him when he formed MDMK and stood alone in an election...

I will never do that mistake again...N e v e r.

but then I have a better choice?


  1. i hate politics...
    and i know all of them the whole crowd is selfish

  2. Aaha...Tht was a nice post. Well written.

  3. did you see the post by Ambi on Vaiko and JJ? So you might not have a better choice, but this would not be the right choice either.

  4. huh.. good saying

  5. compared to the second rung in both parties, i believe VAIKO is better, clean and politicians is a oxymoron, even the gr8 MGR wasnt clean, let them make money, but will they provide efficient administration and help the people? i would vote for vaiko if he stood, i believe he is better than any other choice, except the bjp, L Ganesan is a good choice, but he can never come to power, so the second best happens to be vaiko

  6. Hi,

    When he stood alone in 1996,2001 he bagged kolimuttai seats(0),if he had won 5 to 10 seats in those election then he would have opted to go alone this time as well(atleast he would have had the courage to go alone) but that wasn't the case.Who's mistake is this?

    First time here Ashok.Nice posts

  7. *sophia...we have to live with it

    *Ponnarasi...u didnt air ur views?

    *Usha...Thats exactly my point!

    * who does the great Indian vote for this time?

    *adapaavi...thanx for posting ur view...

    *gopalan...welcome here.
    ya, that was a pity in 1996...maybe and just maybe things wud have been different if he had won atleast 5 seats then...but who knows!

  8. Vaiko have a love on Tamil People, he will do many good things for people if he come as Chief Minister of Tamil nadu.

  9. "But then I have a better choice?"
    I loved that statement.
    do we have a choice, when it comes to TN?
    Considering the state of affairs in TN, it is more a question of who is the 'lesser evil'. Dont you think?
    PS: Love the template!

  10. Did you check out his interview in Jaya TV. He told whatever he had in mind ... he expressed the numerous occasions were Vaiko and his party was humiliated. He got his own reasons… but that is what politics is all about, right? Floor Crossing is the fashion with every election taking centre stage. Nothing new!

    Check out this poster:

  11. First timer here...I thought the Afghanistan in your profile was just a joke till I actually read one of your posts ;)

    Why single out Vaiko here? Opportunistic or not, honestly he's a 100 times better than any other TN politico. A chap from AP ancestry who champions the cause of oppressed tamils denied basic citizenship rights in a neighboring country. It took him several years to make his first opportunistic leap. Compare that with Karu and JJ who made several U-turns right through the last decade! Basic fact is that Vaiko was exploited left and right by the MK, which led to his expulsion in Nov 1993 and birth of the MDMK in May 1994. There was no point in continuing to play the slave to Big Brother. Although I didnt like his recent U-turn, I'm atleast glad that it has taught MK a lesson.

  12. *jeevan...I wud love to have ur optimism

    *Megha...exactly, its always a choice between devils...(tanx for ur PS)


    *kamzee...unfortunately i cant see our TVs from here.Saw the poster...funny!

    *TT'Man...welcome here!
    why vaiko? I thought he was the lesser devil worth my post...

  13. Vaiko can make a difference in politics "if he really means whatever he speaks". There is some fire in the man's words. I have attended a meeting in MGR Nagar, where he addressed a gathering of 1000's in the steet. Rain started pouring heavily within 5 miniutes of his speach.Nobody moved including me. For it was an insprational speech.