Mar 22, 2006

Rava dosa / idli ...history

It was a historical moment for us in Afghanistan yesterday...
We made 'rava dosai' ...from MTR rava idli ready mix...

Found on the MTR pack an interesting piece of history :
Did u know rava idlis were first invented at MTR? During world war II, rice was in short supply
.MTR experimented with wheat and thus was born the enormously famous "rava idli"

what can i say...


  1. Tp..i wont!
    btw, wat happened to ur mexican food?

  2. Ashok... nejamaaluma indha mixla ennamo irukuunga... Even we tried here and it was awesome.. romba nalla vandhuchu... tastum appaidyae namma ooru taste.

  3. Hey we made MTR rava idlis last week...yummy as always...btw u get rava upma mix too...

  4. *neighbor...u r rite!

    *shilpa....upma is not my fav dish..but will try next time and report!

  5. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Paavam TP, ipdi paduthurdhu nyayam illennu thonudhu :)

  6. Now you are talking :) (me being vegetarian). Fortunately we do get quite a variety of Indian restaurants here in London as well as Indian groceries, but more importantly, someone to cook too :)


  7. Mexico va.. yenna thimiraa..

    Ashocku, summer is right around the corner,..I really don't need any more temptations from you..

    FOCUS PRIYA FOCUS.. gotta work out!!


    ONly one question.. are you or ur wife cooking all these delish meals?? coz.. all credits should go to her.. am i rite?

    neenga cook pannatha mothalla podunga paapom.

  8. Thanks WA.. I appreciate.

    atleast you feel bad for me.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  9. lol....I cant believe you took a picture of it. Shows how excited you were after making it.;-)

  10. Anonymous2:06 AM

    TP vidiya vidiya ramayanam kettuttu.... Mrs.Ashok is in Madurai with the baby. Adhukkaaga indha samayal ellam Ashok paninaadhunnu thappa nenekka vendaam, I think his room mate cooks and Ashok clears them up :D

  11. Rava Idli ku ipdi oru history... think MTR kathula nalla poo sutharanga nu nenaikaren.. Rava idli must have existed before that...

  12. Looks like you have re-invented the rava idlis :P

  13. naan mae kurdhi....- wanting to ask what does that mean?

    ehhehe lol at uma n tp - nalla food sandaiyah iruhku ;p

  14. *WA...Tp pavama? u dont seem wicked anymore!

    *Slakhs...stil have no luck with ur new site.

    *madsies....try try try again!

    *Tp...hahaha...keep help u on that iam going to post more fooduuu...hahaha

    NO, its all cooked by my jr. staff...see guys cool better than grrls :-)

  15. *Tp...dont trust WA..



    *WA...thanx for enlightening Tp..anyway shes too out of focus now to understand! :))) !

    *Vishy...well, thats wat they say..who knows!

    *jayan...we are planning more re inventions this weekend!

  16. *visithra..."naan mae kurdhi?" is farsi for "neenga saapadu sapitacha?"
    (did u have food? )

    *susubala...did u notice the egg rava dosa on one side)in the foto?

  17. ""naan mae kurdhi?" is farsi for "neenga saapadu sapitacha?"
    (did u have food? )...

    This information "made my day"

    The round things with jam(?) looks very much like "pancakes" to me - I´ll send you a recipe later.
    Pancakes are my grandchildrens favorite when visiting!
    I must have made thousands in my day.

  18. I too like Iyer hotel Rava Idli, athula sambar yuthi sapita superra irukum.

  19. *den blyga(granny)...yes, its made in pans and we call the round thing 'dosai' ...the brown side dish that u see in the pic is called 'chutney' and is a quite hot & spicy paste. The red side dish is not jam. Its another hot & spicy powder (podi) mixed with ghee/oil.
    and do send ur recipe for pancakes!

  20. > Did u know rava idlis were first invented at MTR? During world war II, rice was in short supply
    .MTR experimented with wheat and thus was born the enormously famous "rava idli"

    - BULL..

  21. yaar sonnadhu London-la nalla Indian restaurants-nu?? azhudhuduven!!

  22. Wow..U r in afghan? How is it being tere? Hearing first time abt MTR's first Rava Idlis..

  23. enna pa nee..eppa parthalum saapadu pics pottu asai katre..

  24. @@Usha

    I mentioned about good (it is relative) Indian restaurants in London. We have Saravana Bhavan, Chennai Dosa, Woodlands, Udupi and a few more Srilankan places that can provide decent Idlis and Dosas. If you want details, let me know or was it a rhetorical question?


    Thanks for updating the link

    Slakhs / SLN

  25. While you guys are at it..

    please recommend good rest. in the dc. area.. Thanks.. haha

  26. ethukku mela sappadu pathi post panninga naan tension ayuduvein...yerkanave me surviving on maggi verup yethings.

  27. Ashok, it wasnt a rhetorical question, I do mean it when I say no good Indian restuarants here. I would much prefer it if you can list me a few.

  28. *usha...that comment for u came from slakhs(sln).....and he has listed a few..iam ignorant about food joints in UK