Apr 30, 2006

Another Indian killed by Taliban...?

As the news of the Indian engineer K Suryanarayana, (abducted by the Taliban in Afghanistan on Friday) brutally killed by his kidnappers on Sunday came out, I have received calls and mails from so many friends enquiring abt my safety.(Yes,Iam still in my month long vacaton in India) Before I proceed further let me offer my sympathies to the bereaved family and thank friends who remembered me.
The terror murder of Suryanarayana is the second such incident in the last four months wherein an Indian has been targeted. The earlier case was Mariappan Kutty, a Border Road Organisation jawan kidnapped and murdered in similar fashion.
These 2 incidents reinstate the dangers of working in the Afghan-Pakistan border provinces like Kandahar, Qalat and Zabul. Unlike the Central and North Afghanistan where I work, these southern areas come under the Pashtu speaking belt and are Taliban strong holds. These are areas where even Afghans themselves (who speak Farsi) fear to tread. Unless the work is within an army camp or some secured cantonment its suicidal to take up jobs in these areas of tribal mindset.
Another important aspect that the Indian Government fails to address is the involvement of ISI in such attacks. Pakistan has been growing increasingly uncomfortable with the growing presence of Indians in these areas that have long been Pakistan’s backyard. Ever since the Mariappan kutty incident, India has sent more security forces to these areas in the name of protecting Indian workers and the presence of increasing Indian forces has alarmed Pakistani agencies of late. Last few months saw accusation by Pakistan of Indian RAW and Afghan intelligence agents collaborating in these areas against Pak interests. In my opinion, this incident is a direct reflection of this. Its clear that Pakistan under the guise of the Taliban wants to send a signal to India that its not going to allow its backyard to be usurped by India. The Taliban, even when they kidnapped their main enemies -the Americans or Europeans, had always negotiated and there are many instances of successful hostage release. But the murder of kidnapped Indians before proclaimed deadlines and without negotiations is clearly showing some underlying ‘motive’…and it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to determine who the ‘motivator’ is…

update : Nitin writes more on the subject in his A c o r n


  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    was so relieved to find this post... I came in to drop a msg enquiring abt y...
    let Ashok be blessed with a long life...

  2. Ashok - please don't go back.

  3. ashok immediately i thought bout how u were doing, and i remembered u mentioning vacation in india
    democratic duties fulfil panna porangala?

    take care and decide if u wat to go back

    what is even more disgusting and fucking irritating (i hate swear words but cudnt resist) is
    the rascals e ahmeds statement "we are in touch with the indian embssay in kabul"

    doesnt the idiot realise tht its his govt operation and he shud be F$%$%%^^^ in touch with them at all points of time? and this statement is usally reffers to being in touch wit kidnappers not ur own govt wing!!

    who let these F$%%^$^^ in the govt?

    sorry for usurping ur comments space ashok,

  4. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Your last few lines are very true.

    The media in the western world would give priority to any kidnap news.But back home,i doubt this news has come to limelight until Mr.Suryanarayana's demise. We are busy with elections and freebies.No qn of patriotism.And its going to be 60 yrs after independence :-(

  5. gud to knw tat u r doin fine.... immediately after readin the news, I thought abt u n came here and I am releived!!

  6. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Ashok, my first comment on your blog. Please don't go back. Passion for work & money are important, but nothing equals family. You're so talented. You'll get a great job in India if you like. Think of your wife and your baby. I know this is personal, but we're all scared for you and want you to be safe. Please consider getting a job in India.

  7. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Have been a regular viewer of your blog. First time commenting. The first thought that came to my mind as well when I saw the news was about you, your wife and daughter! Take care and be safe! Our prayers are with all the brave souls and their families that are working/worked in hostile countries!

  8. I don't want to be a foreigner and Christian in Afghanistan for a million dollars. Stay back or learn java and come to US.

    My condolences to Surya's family and friends.

  9. Ashok, it is a relief to find this post! and our condolences to Suryanarayana family.....
    I am aghast by the way Americans treated the case of Jill Carol's abduction in Iraq and how we are acting for these two abducitons in Afghanistan!...Just by condemning and giving out 5 lakhs to the deceased doesnt solve the issue...and our government should take a stance that will help all our fellow citizens standing first to help reconstruct the war zone!

  10. Be careful Ashok.

  11. Ashok, we were actually travelling yesterday, when we got to speak of ShankarNarayan and you. My wife and Sis-in-law were of the feeling that you wouldn't be let to go to Afghan back for work (by your family and wife). Everyone is feeling that life is more important esp. when such threats are always ON.

    Personally, I guess you should atleast stop the clicking that you do on the streets of Afghanistan.

    Take care mate!

  12. But all that depends on what you feel and how passionate you are with your current job. Keep us posted on your plans.

  13. Like all others here, the first thing that came to mind was you. Then I remembered that you are vacationing in India, so was relieved.

    As you say, the main reason for this is to threaten Indians to leave Afghanistan. If Kabul is safer for Indians (as most reports from there suggest), there is no harm in going back. But I would stop clicking photos if I were you :-)

    Take care da.

  14. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Hi Ashok...this is your batchmate from SAP...I hope you will make the best decision and stay safe!!
    God Bless!

  15. I also remember you when i hear this incident. this is a cruel attack on humans, it was very heartbraking to see the news when his wife cry.

  16. ruthless demons....
    it was really disturbing

    Take care Ashok
    i will pray for your well being...

  17. ashok, havent been very regular in blogging but I just had to know you were safe! very relieved to see this post. Pls dont go back. No career is worth your life and safety. God bless.

  18. I was worried when I read the news abt SuryaNarayana being killed brutally.

    Good to know that u r safe !

    When wil all this terror end ? Can ppl not live in peace ?

  19. hi ashok!! east or west home is the best.

  20. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Ashok, take care. Glad to know you are working in a relatively safe area.

  21. Good to know u r working in a safer place.

  22. pls dont go bk .,.. well glad anyways that u r safe ... hmm so c ya

  23. Anonymous7:51 PM

    We are all with you.

    To hell with the Taliban.

    Makes me even more convinced that Balochistan should be liberated with our help.

    That will teach Pakis another lesson.

    A big YES to Indian special forces in Afghanistan.

  24. *kingkong...thank u

    *Tilo...u already know my plans...

    *ada paavi..thanks and feel free to voice ur opinions in my blog


    *kuttichuvaru...thanks for remembering me

    *bhamini...good to know u & thanks for writing

    *Sandhya.....thanks for ur words

    *veda...yup tanx

    *vidya...ya...u r rite...and tanx mate

  25. *S....good to see ur first comment and thanks a lot

    *Rajesh...good suggestion :)

    *IBH...thanks and hope u r enjoying every moment of ur motherly time.

    *usha...ok boss

    *Kamal Anand...sure pal and thanks for writing.

    *Chen...nothing can stop me from clicking :) :)

    *Gabby...thank u and GBU too

    *jeevan...thnx for remembering me bro

    *Sophia...yes, very disturbing news and tanx for ur prayers

    *madsies...thanks mate:)

    *Lavanya...yes..tanx for ur kind words

    *shilpa...hope and pray peace returns soon...hows ur classes going?

    *naayagan...yup..nothing like home..i agree

    *R.Balaji...thanks for writing boss

    *Gopalan... thanks for ur words\

    *meena...glad to c ur comment..c ya

    *Maran..sure dude!

    *anon...ya, to hell with taliban and all. (wats ur name?)

  26. Take care my friend

  27. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Having been on Spring vacation I haven´t read this blog until today the 3rd of May.
    Being in peaceful Sweden I didn´t know there was an Indian missing and therefore not worried!
    After reading all comments and links I agree with:

    When wil all this terror end ? Can ppl not live in peace ?
    Posted by Shilpa | 9:05 PM

    When I was young - 60 years ago, Europe was, after the Second World War,mostly ruins.
    I HOPE that 50 years from now Afghanistan and other warzones, will be prosperous and peaceful.

    I fear it won´t be...

    But who could imagine that the Sovjet Empire should melt down in 2-3 years...
    Let´s hope for the best - and honour courageous young men like ASHOK, who risk their lifes for a better world!

  28. I was defnitely thinking of you when Surya's news came out. Can imagine how concerned your family must be.

  29. hey! hope u r doing good.
    I dunno wat these people are doing in name of islam.
    I being a muslim ve frends of all religions and i respect nd love all of em.
    No where does the religion says to kill nione.
    Blogspot has recently been accesible from pakistan, reason i viited u late:)
    Take care!

  30. *granny...glad to know u had a great vacation and thanks for ur kind words

    *Deepa...ya, they wer very concerned.Tanx for writing buddy...

    *Sumi...hey, hows Mumbai? and tanx

    *Unaiza...glad to see ur comment and good to know blogspot is altast accessible again in Pak. I have very good friends from pak in recent times and I really hope India & Pak can forget the past and work for a better future.Thanks.