Apr 9, 2006

Mud , Brown and White...

File Photos of Old Kabul...from the Winter collection.


  1. Snowfall in Kabul? Nice. First one is super.

  2. I hv said it before...still holds good...I simply love the photographs u take...

    Awesome pics..!

  3. Winters must be harsh over there. Great pictures

  4. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Winter must be harsh over there...
    In Sweden we have hade the most severe winter since 1942! Spring is one month delayed.
    But still - winter looks great on photo!

  5. the only things thats great abt winter is that it presents great scenes for photography....

  6. ooooo......but there's a splash of green; and blue in another picture...amidst the mud, brown and white!
    I love these pictures.

    and thank you Ashok, for the suggestion.
    I have updated my post, with the info you provided and Ive credited you for it:D.
    thanks again.:)

  7. Wow! i liked that snowfall very much..
    namma madurai santhai madhiri illa irukku last pic.. LOL...

  8. Oh gosh, I SO love this city! I went there last year for 2 weeks!!! :D Snowfall is a wonderful thing as it is and Kabul snowfall is even more wonderful...maybe because of the city itself.
    BEAUTIFUL pics...may I save them? :)

  9. hi ...

    very nice pics ... the city looks so antique and from an older era ...

    pls keep posting the pics

    thank u very much !

  10. winter has its charms

  11. *Jeevan, *shilpa, *WA, *granny, *veda, *ambi, *~deepa~, *visit...tanx for the compliments :D

    *Megha...ha, the splash of greens, reds and blues...they paint the doors especially in such bright colors (obvious reasons) that add a touch of beauty.
    btw, thanks for highlighting the usilampatti cruelity in ur blog.Happy to bring that to ur attention as thats something i had always wanted to blog about.

    *The gal who..world- hi,thats interesting! what purpose took u to this place? ofcourse, u can save them :)

  12. Oh, my uncle was a journalist there (he came back last Spetember or so). :D So, I went with my cousin. Way better than a trip to some oh-so-pretty European country. ;)

  13. the gal who...world.... (btw, wats ur name..its so hard to type ur handle ;D )
    wow,u really know how to enjoy life...wat r the places u visited?and wens ur next visit ;)