Aug 24, 2006

Afghan days 01 ...Tapa Maranjan 2006

on a snowy day...

My first trip around Kabul took me to the top of a small hillock called Tapa Maranjan. Right on top you find the mausoleum of King Nadir Shah who ruled between 1929 and 1933. I didn’t take the risk of going down to the basement chamber where the actual tomb is kept. The wars had totally battered the once beautiful building.
The hillock is a famous summer destination for flying kites. The locals come in hundreds to fill the sky with amazingly beautiful kites of different shapes and colors.


  1. As a history buff, seeing Nadir Shah's mausoleum was surreal..please, can u send some hi-res photos to my email..btw, did u hear any local legends about the site??

  2. Ws it here "The Kite runner" took place???
    wv= bleading
    like in Mombay....

  3. I forgot to change my identification: den blyga=Granny.