Aug 6, 2006

short break...

with so many things happening in Life in recent times, I couldnt keep my blog ticking ....Ashokism will be back in top gear in a few days...

Change is the only thing thats constant in Life.

PS: G O O D B Y E ......A F G H A N I S T A N !!!


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Taking up a career in India ?

    Am glad for you !! CONGRATS !!

  2. travel is mans best (hidden, underated) friend. Hope to c u with more great posts soon!

  3. high time u showed up my friend. Can't wait to see you back.

  4. :) gr8...
    quite ready for another adventure I presume.,..

  5. You were in the Hindu newspaper-yesterday!:) My husband was reading the paper and said- "Ashok- Madurai- Architecht- Afghanistan?" and I jumped and said "that's the guy!":)Have you read the article??

  6. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I guess most of our wishes are being answered. Yeah, life is small and lets live it to the fullest. So wherez the mega-architect moving to in India?

  7. *prabhu... yup! tanx!

    *GP... I lovee travelling back for sometime in good old India...

    * too @)

    *doom ... ya, but not quite as much as kabul

    *akka...tanx for noticing ..feels good that u remembered

    *mojindro...hi buddy..welcome to blogspot!

    *kamal...megavaa? looong way to go man...

  8. Good bye Afghanistan ah? Good for you. I am sure it was no fun to be staying away from family. GoodLuck.