Aug 5, 2011

The journey continues....

 Architectural practice for me is an endless journey or rather a quest for eternity.

As a student and in the early part of my career, my design philosophies or the “isms” kept changing like the landscape on the window frame of a moving train. I had a crush with exposed bricks, a brief romance with curves, steady days with angles, a phase of daring colors, few dates with vaults and domes, a brief marriage with De Con, to name a few.

Like a fresh stream that chatters & clatters before it settles to the steady flow of a river, I guess, most architects go thro this initial phase of experimental exuberance.

(excerpts from an architect's diary)


  1. Super good to experiment and play. If someone cant experiment when he/she are young, I wonder when will they at all experiment !

    good for you !

  2. You write very well!

  3. Loved the center phrase lot! Nicely related with you work.