Aug 14, 2011

New Hope...

Photo: Kilakarai, 2006

Random footprints on the wet sand
  that the restless waves swill,
Bring memories of her lost land
  and pull her into a swirl.
She stares hard at the horizon
  where the boats dot like a rope;
In her arms a new born;
  and in her eyes new hope.

A single lightning cuts the sky
  as he draws close to the shore;
Amid thoughts of times gone by
  he wonders what’s in store;
He waves hard at the horizon
  as the clouds shed a drop;
In his mind his new born;
  and in his eyes new hope.


  1. Beautiful poem, Ashok.

    Where was this photo taken ? It's amazing!

  2. Thanks Ash...the foto was taken at Kilakarai

  3. lovely capture and the beautifully crafted words...nice!

  4. awesome... ashok

    the picture adds many images to thoughts.

  5. The hope keeps one going. Been a long time. Thank you for your visit.

  6. hey hey ,... finally man and woman ... all the same ! same thoughts, same fears

  7. went thru ur architecture blog ... loved most of ur works

  8. I read a few posts just now and I really like your work man. Great job!