Dec 28, 2023

Burma Burma with Mahaan

Almost 16 years ago, one of my blog friends Boo gave me this "Thinking blogger award" along with four other blogs. One of them got my attention as it was named "Dubukku" , an infamous slang word in Tamil. It turned out to be an interesting Tamil blog that took a critical and satirical view of everyday life and was presented in a uniquely humorous style of writing. It turned out to be one of the pioneering blogs in Tamil and quite a famous one too. I greatly admired the writing skill of this blogger from London and quietly followed him for many years. Few years ago he migrated to writing in the facebook as "Mahaan Arooban" and we connected again in facebook. He had an admiration for my art works and I had an admiration for his humorous writing skills. I was really exited when he messaged me few days ago that he is visiting Bangalore and wished to meet me. So today we finally met in person after almost 16 years of online friendship. The first person Iam meeting from my blogosphere!

Mahaan is a vegetarian and so I suggested to sit for lunch at the "Burma Burma" - the new Burmese cuisine restaurant & Tea room at the Phoenix Mall of Asia. Many friends had recommended the restaurant recently and I thought today was the best day to try it with my friend who is also a foodie. The menu was quite heavy and the names of the dishes gave us no clue. We took the help of the friendly waiter Ropsan to guide us and suggest their signature dishes.

with Mahaan

We started with the Samuza hincho soup. It was a flavorful tangy soup of Samosa served with spring vegetables and chickpeas. Never seen this avatar of Samosa before..but we liked it!  For starters we tried the Wa potato - a wok tossed spicy potato dish mixed with peanuts, roasted chillies, lemon leaves and brown onions. This worked well with the tangy sauce.
Next came their signature plate of Lotus stem crisps strongly flavored with paprika. For the main course we went with Ropsan's suggestion of Panthay Khowsuey -  nothing but Chinatown noodles!  It was mild and well flavored. 
For desserts, I ordered Sanwin Makin - an interesting cake with Banana filling and ice-cream while Mahaan tried the apple & Hazelnut crumble. Both were exquisite and gave a fitting finale to the lunch meet...  A lunch meet to remember!

Choice of chutneys

Samosa Soup

Lotus stem crisps

Wa potatoes

Ropsan serving us the noodles

Chinatown noodles

Sanwin Makin icecream

apple hazelnut crumble



  1. Looks like great food

  2. How wonderful that you were able to connect in person after so many years! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Anonymous6:05 AM

    How nice that you could meet up after all these years.
    Food looks good.

    All the best Jan

  4. It's always a pleasure to be able to meet someone you have been friends with online.
    The food looks good and is nicely presented. I have never had chickpeas as yet!

  5. How fun to meet a fellow blogger after so many years!! I've gotten to meet two of my friends...
    The food looks scrumptious!!
    Happy New Year!

  6. What a wonderful experience to meet up with a fellow blogger and share a delicious meal. Happy New Year!

  7. How lovely that you were able to meet up with your friend after many years of friendship. The restaurant looks perfect with a lot of tasty dishes. Thank you very much for your visit and I would like to wish you A Very Happy New Year with many blessings.

  8. A Burmese restaurant -- that sounds VERY interesting and the food looks so delicious and well designed and beautiful. I'm so very glad you got to meet up in person!

  9. It's so exciting you could meet up with a blog friend. And the food sounds really interesting and looks yummy too.

  10. Anonymous8:57 PM

    How lovely. I'm so glad you got to meet a friend and had some a wonderful meal and time. Sandra


  11. I'm not familiar with the food on the table , but I know that things made in India never disappoint me. Judging by the picture, your friend is not only a good blogger, but also good-looking.