Dec 18, 2023

Dinner at Naachiyar's

Our last minute dinner destination on Sunday evening turned out to be the Naachiyar's , a Chettinad cuisine restaurant at Ulsoor. We had been there many years ago. In fact we discovered it then (around 2008) after seeing its name as the winner of the Best Chettinad restaurant in Bangalore, in the Times Food awards. Then it was on the first floor and quite a busy place with a lot of waiting time! Over the years it lost its popularity and taste and we stopped going there. We heard it was relaunched few years ago in a small space in the ground floor of the same building and with good reviews. So this time we decided to try it again. The place was quite small and not so busy as we had seen it in the past. The ambience was cozy and well done in the typical Chettinad interior architecture with carved wooden pillars, aathangudi tiles, brass bells, etc.  The bonus for me was the TV airing nostalgic Ilayaraja's songs in the background. That truly set the mood of the eatery.

Naachiyar's at Haudin road opposite to the Ulsoor lake

The small entrance

Short Chettinad door need to be careful not to bump your head 

Chettinad ambience

One of the Awards from a glorious past

 We started with the chicken soup which was quite spicy for regular standards. I had to squeeze a lemon to douse the heat! But my wife did enjoy it as she loves spicy food. Next we ordered masala Omelettes and  Vazappu (banana flower) vadai as starters. The vadais were crispy and well made. We liked the food served on clean banana leaves over plates.
Chicken Soup

Vazappu vadai

For the main course, we went for the light Idiyappam that went well with the Prawn gravy. We shared a egg Kothu parotta that was one of their must tries. 

Idiyappam served with Sambar and coconut milk

Masala Omelette - perfect!

Prawns gravy

Egg Kothu parotta

Nannari Sharbet
We finished with the traditional Nannari Sharbet to cool the spices. The food is good but not for people who are not used to spicy food!  Their menu looked exhaustive and we certainly need to visit again to try other signature dishes like their Biriyanis, seafood, etc. 
Good and prompt service, reasonable pricing and a pleasant experience overall!


  1. The food looks wonderful

  2. The food looks wonderful but I couldn't eat if too hot...
    Glad you enjoyed the restaurant!

  3. Mmmm, sounds so good. Love spicy! Looks nice, too. Thanks.

  4. Sounds good, glad you enjoyed it! Valerie

  5. I like everything on that table, but the spicing has to be moderate. Hopefully, the Nannari Sharbet did indeed 'cool' the spices for you.

  6. It all looks great to me! Reserve an extra seat at the table next time!

  7. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Looks delicious! -Christine

  8. Wow! Looks like a nice place and the food looks sooooo good.

  9. The place looks inviting and the food delicious.

  10. Interesting to see the food and it looks nice.

  11. No doubt Indian food is one of the most delicious foods in the world so tempting.
    Glad you guys had pleasant time and favourite meal our