Mar 15, 2005

Let Me Go....

digital art by ashok

If all are born fair and free
Why this darkness everywhere?
This silent noise, this mad spree,
I feel inside is hard to bear;
I strain my eyes but all I see
are blank walls of despair;

Why I fell in this whirlpool?
Who colored my world so grey?
Am I just fate’s tool?
I search for answers all day;
Am I wrong or just a fool?
Give my Life, that’s all I pray;

What I did to creep in bondage?
Let me know, then give the blow;
Why am I to sleep in a cage?
I want flowers, let me go;
Let not sweat, let not blood,
But dew drops cold, wet my brow;

Why in murk I spend my Years?
I am in fetters, I know not why?
No more darkness, no more Tears;
I want to hear the cuckoo's cry;
No more empty dreams in fears;
I want the sun, I want the sky;

Fishes swim and butterflies fly
And stars twinkle in the high;

So let me go to feast my eye
Fore I say my last good bye;
O let me go and feast my eye,
I will live my life and die...............

(I wrote this for a school poetry competetion in LOSA'1991...Ofcourse, it did'nt win me a prize...)


  1. Man....its too good ! But wonder why u did not !

    Anywayz....i know that my praising would make u feel happy !

  2. hey i showed all ur poems to mom and dad.u can guess their comments.but really all ur poems are extremely good.and so are ur paintings

  3. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Love the rhythm and pace in this one!

  4. Nice poem. What else can I say? Am spellbound.

  5. wow....this is amazingly well written, and beautiful beyond descriptive words. I am so impressed with your writing, Ashok. And I can definitely relate to this poem, as I have been to this place before. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. WoW! I think this is definitely my favorite poem of yours, to date, Ashok! I'm thrilled that you decided to share it again and if I was a judge in the competition, you would have definitely had my vote! :)

    P.S. ~ LOVE the digital art!! :)

  7. @Ladyfi & Shreya - Thanks

    @Camille- i Knew u will be able to relate. Infact I remembered this after reading ur posts on a similar tone.

    @Fiona- Thanks. Its my fav too...

  8. brilliant work on the image and the verse!!

  9. super boss:) n thanks:)

  10. Words are beautifully woven. The pic is great. Keep writing. Thank you.

  11. Excellent poem ashok... could feel like a birds freedom from caged. Beautiful :)

  12. You can't put a price for a good poem such as this. So now you know, why the prize elude you? :)

  13. well i can't answer any of the questions in your poem but that's an amazing piece of digital art, really gives the sense of the chaos that the poem talks about

  14. That is a beautiful poem. And since you had written this so long back...I think it is much worthy of a praise..

    Its okay, if you didn't get the prize but from your level you should not have written "of-course" since it deserves a prize..its up to them, whom they do select :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  15. So beautiful and melancholy. Outstanding & delightful stuff.Are you publishing a book of poems ? If not please do.I am booking my copy in advance :)

  16. @Poetry of the day, Magiceye,
    Bob,Ramesh,Venus -Thanks!!!

    @Cyclopseven- yes, Thanks!

    @Juliet- even I dont have the answers:)Thanks.

    @Sharan-Thanks for ur words...

    @R.Ramakrishnan- I will when I complete 100 poems :) and ur copy is reserved ;)Thanks!