Mar 26, 2005

My Place...

The Tree- digital art by ashok

I have a place for me;
For me alone to rest;
From there I could see,
the birds over their nest.

A stream clatters, chatters by;
Where happy fishes swim;
It makes my spirit go high;
Spurting over the brim.

I have a place for me;
A place for me to sleep;
In the shade of a tree,
Sheltered form the cloud’s weep;

From there I see a majestic hill
Crowned gold by sun at dawn;
I see a lake stagnant and still,
From the place I was born.

I have a place for me;
For me alone to play and sing;
Just like a busy buzzing bee;
I only lack its wing.

The wine in the air makes me lull,
Amidst the flowers- red and yellow;
Tis a place so sweet, never ever dull,
Where the green grasses-my bed & pillow!

[One of my my oldest surviving school day poems, written in 1989]


  1. lovely poem Ashok... nice meaning... brilliant art...

  2. I wish to born there… excellent poem and loved the creative tree from yours.

  3. yes boss..bob is right:)

  4. @Kalai - Thanks for ur visit.

    @Jeevan- that will be everybody's dream i guess..thanks!


    @Ramesh- Thanks boss!

  5. nicely written :)

  6. Adn this was your earliest...! Wow !

  7. What a *treasure* it is and I love the art!

  8. 1989!!! incredible
    loved the rhyme

  9. Nice poem. Wonderful art too.

  10. Simple words. Beautiful happy poem. Nice work. :)

  11. @Shreya - Thanks

    @Kavi - Not my earliest. Surviving earliest:)

    @Fiona- Thanks

    @Sujatha- Thanks

    @Mary- Thanks

    @Dee- simple words,yes.I must try to write with simple words agan:)thanks

  12. Very beautiful poem. Enjoyed !