Jan 12, 2006

Iam in Madurai now...

Reached Home , Sweet Home ....Iam in Madurai now for my Vacation...Will be writing a lot once i return back to Kabul !


  1. So you will write only from work ? mmm good policy.

  2. 'Madurai' reminds me of an anecdote from my college days.

    Most guys who hailed from the adjoining districts of Madurai, when asked about their home-town, used to say that they were from Madurai.

    Frustrated with this, oru Coimbatore guy said "Intha pasanga World map la Madurai a centera vechu 30 cm cicle varanjuppaanunga da. Athukulla vizhugarathellam Madurainnu solluvaangya da'

  3. jayan...which college did u graduate from?

    In my college days,We used to call chennai "koovam patti" and coimbatore "kaundan patti" and in return the chennai and covai guys called madurai "kolaharan patti"

  4. Kolaharan patti :-)