Jan 23, 2006

Know this place?

Colonial villas, green and colorful landscape, cool breeze, captivating vistas and delecious food...thats none other than the Taj Garden retreat in Madurai.

This centuary old celebrated property (previously owned by Madura Coats) is perched atop the Pasumalai hill, amidst 62 acres of landscaped gardens .

peacocks on the porch...
The panaromic night view that you get from here of the Temple city is worth every rupee you spend on the costly food

Vaigai Hall, were our weekly Rotary (Metro) meetings are held...

visit "Foodie Madness in Madurai " @ Noa's blog for more on Taj food.


  1. Anonymous12:16 AM


    frgive me if i ask stupid q. wht is that u guys do in buld constn. when there r cvl engrrs and the like for this prfn, why u r needed. my undrstanding frm cvl eng frnd is u guys fancy things and bloat the client's money. i guess u ll be useful in decoratig hi-fi places. also, i dont understand why u refer to ur client needs as 'stupid ideas' after all, u guys need to satisfy ur client needs right? wht makes u think ur client thinks stupid

  2. 1. I forgive u, coz u confess to be stupid.
    2.I never generalised my clients as 'stupid'...There wer just a few of that type. In general i had the good fortune of some great people as my clients. i love them and respect them just the way they admire and respect my work.
    3.From what i observe, iam sure u r from India , where there is complete misunderstanding and confusion between what Architects and civil engineers do.
    4.There r 2 sides to construction. first is the design/planning of the building and the second is the construction/execution of the work. The first part is done by architects and the latter by civil engineers.

  3. *sigh* ashok....u made me very very nostalgic with ur madurai posts ! :(

    hope u are having a good vacation!

  4. i enjoy your blog - especially this post as i can vouch for the good food at the Taj. our cooking lesson experience with the chef there was one of the highlights of our trip.

  5. IBH- thanks..I had a good vacation..Iam already back in kabul

  6. noa- thanks for dropping by...where are u from?

  7. Ashok!! I went to Taj in Madurai back in 1997.. with my sis.. it was an awesome trip back to india.. man.. pics are bringin back some crazyyyyy memories.. :) Thanks!!!!!! it was a cool place!!

  8. Anonymous9:45 PM

    tamilponnu (cool name)..good to know that these pics r bringing back nice memories to lot of people...