Jan 3, 2006

My Architecture...

I have done something I have been procrastinating for a long time..a blog to post my own works of Architecture ! Even though I had designed more than 300 buildings , I have not maintained any proper portfolio or documentation to showcase them . I dont even have snaps of some of my best works...hmm..anyway, as a start, i have complied the ones for which I had some pictures to post. hope to do a better work of it in the future...


  1. I might have missed this but I did not see anything on the Nayakar Mahal in any of your posts.

    I ask because some European architect was supposed to be involved in the design of the place. Can't see the Nayakar hiring someone from Europe. Maybe that came later?

    I have asked a few people, drawn a blank. Now I can ask you an architect from Madurai.

    The Nayakar Mahal looks more beautiful in Iruvar than in reality. I'm just kidding of course and also I was bitten by so many of those mosquitoes at dusk - so it did'nt seem like such a great place

  2. nayakar did hire an obscure Italian architect...will post on the Mahal soon...

    haha, mosquitoes and madurai are inseparable...u wont be impressed by the Taj Mahal if it wer built in madurai for the same reason!

    did u know? Nayaker after completing his dream palace brought his wife to show around..she was least impressed and comented that its huge pillars reminded her of the place where they tie elephants...this pissed off thirumalai and he locked her in confinement for the rest of her life ... be glad that he is not here to listen to ur comment!

  3. I just had a look at your new blog. The models were so good.
    BTW, where are you right now? Madurai or Afgan?

  4. thanks arun, Iam in Afghan right now..but will be going home in a couple of days...