May 28, 2006

The American college and kollywood

It was an innovative program organized by the Fourth Wall Theatre, A Drama Trust at the American College, Madurai. Titled, `Face the camera and face the life,' art-crazy students evinced keen interest in the 10-day workshop.
It was made possible when Karu. Palaniappan, a distinguished alumnus of Department of English, who shot into fame with his debut movie, `Parthiban Kanavu,' the winner of seven State awards. Palaniappan preferred American College campus to shoot his next project, `Sivappathikaram
’. . .read more @ the Hindu
(btw, Palaniappan is my school senior and elder brother of my friend Karu.Annamalai. )
The American college is proud to have talented alumnus in the tinsel world like Director Bala , Comedian Vivek , and a host of other actors and technicians as well. Prof. Soloman Pappaiya (of Tamil Pattimandram fame )now doing cameos in films is a retired HOD of the Tamil department.
BTW, whats the name of the talented actor who played the corrupt police inspector in Kamal's Virumandi? (he is from this college too)

PS : I did one semester of B.Sc Physics in American college before I switched to my Engineering College :)


  1. Nice to know that you to had the AC connection. I do not know why the college's website looks so pathetic. Theres' a vast scopr for improvement there.

  2. *kamal..yup, that web site sucks..made me wonder if they have a better official site(?)

  3. I loved the painting by you! the last post of urs.impressive!

  4. Hello Ashok. If you are willing, I would be very interested to read a post about how things are going in Afghanistan post Taliban. Is the US helping there or making things worse for your people? What is your take as you are there to witness?? I am not one who believes everything the media says-I prefer to hear first-hand from people who are there. Please, do not be afraid of offending me. Perhaps you have already written about this? Please tell me which post and I will look it up in the archive. May God bless, protect and prosper you.

  5. awesome pics ... ur poster colour paintings are very good. i personally feel u should stick to poster paints rather than pencil sketches. and i also feel u should do landscapes rather than human profiles.

    is this poster paint or acrylic ?

  6. now , lemme follow the links

  7. *Unaiza...thank u !

    *Trailady...interesting ques. will reply in detail later...
    read: this for a start (though nothing to do with ur ques)

    * ~deepa~...why do u think so?
    (this is poster color..not acrylic)

  8. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Actor who played the inspector's (Peykkaman) role was Shanmugharajan.

  9. there you go again .. both my uncles are graduates from AC. Grass itchufying ... :))

  10. kollywood movies ha? great :)


  11. *ramki...yes, thats the name i was looking for :)

    *vidya...Grass itchufying? ... :))
    oops! always uncles r from AC and aunts r from LDC...

    *keshi... :)

  12. adhanaladhan kalai aarvam thulli vilayadudha ungakitta ;)

  13. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Oops, I think trailady thought you were a citizen of Afghanistan! :)

  14. Anonymous8:53 AM

    hey..there is one more budding director, an aluminus of American College coming up. He worked as the associate director of Dharani in films like Dil, Dhool and Ghilli. Watch out...his skills are unique and great! might make AC really proud......SHANTHA! That's him...SHANTHAKUMAR.....

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