May 20, 2006

P.T.R No more ...

with PTR at an inaguration function...

It was shocking to hear the demise of Mr.PTR.Palanivel Rajan , Tamil Nadu's Aranilaithurai Minister from Madurai, today morning. Returning to Madurai from Chennai in Pandian Express , he had a cardiac arrest near dindigul and died on the way to the hospital.

I know him personally thro’ a mutual friend Mr.Balan and used to meet him mostly during opening cerimonies of commercial buildings designed by me. Once when I was the secretary of the Indian Institute of Architects (Madurai center) we organized a mega event and I invited him to inaugrate the function. Even though my invitation was at the last minute, he kindly obliged for my sake.

During his tenure as the assembly speaker from 1996 to 2001, he is credited with launching several development schemes for Madurai.He was an outspoken and straight forward politician and was respected beyond party lines. One of the tall leaders of DMK and a magnanimous statesman, his death is a big blow to Madurai ...

Madurai mourns its colossal loss


  1. One of the few decent politicians I have observed.

  2. it is a great loss. my grandfather used to know him very closely as my grandfather was associated with the Madurai Kamaraj University. He stood among the current crop of politicians.

  3. oh you knew him personally!

    Very sad that he is no more.

  4. Anonymous12:40 PM

    For me, in distant Sweden, it is interesting to get to know a little about Indian Home Politics.
    Tragic though that it should happen because of an unexpected death...

  5. My dad also said he was good politician and good human, u are lucky to took photos and talk with him.

  6. I am sorry for this loss to you and your country.