May 19, 2006


Logo and caption I designed for my friend Rafi's Software company in Madurai few years ago...

The Brochure I designed for Clairvoyant


  1. Ashok, do you know G.Prabhu who was also associated with Clairvoyant along with Raman?

  2. *Kamal...Jeep (G.Prabhu) is one of my close pals...when he was in Madurai, we used to jam on his terrance and disturb the neighborhood with our loud music. Now he is in Coimbatore.

  3. Oh I see, what a small world! He is one of my good friends as well. I got to know him through my brother. I love the way he talks! Quite enthusiastic about everything. Can I have his email id? His rediff mail doesnt have pose any replies.