May 16, 2006

The LOK PARITRAN exposed ...LOL !

I had never taken this new formed so called students' party seriously...but Iam surprised to see the kind of media attention that they have been continously getting.
Whatever,Check this Link. Someone has gone the extent of creating a blog to 'expose' the kids and their hidden agenda... LOL !
Cool down people!


  1. Aayutha eluthu(Yuva),Rang de basanthi padam parthutu party aarmbicha ipadi thaan agum.:D

  2. Controversial topic with emotions flying high on both sides! Huh, not my cup of tea. :)

  3. I checked out all the links ... I think that guy - the one who owns purohitexposed blog - is a big faker ..... as in he doesnt seem to view things right

    i am glad that these folks are atleast trying to enter the field ... smthg that not many of us would do

  4. that was u in the snap (in the previous post) ?

  5. Anonymous4:21 PM

    dei!! painter(thats how ashok is known)..i never thought they know what they are up to...maybe after somebody cleans up the system they might get a space..but they are yet to show they can work at the grass root...what was their stance on cauvery,reservation,Indo US nuke deal etc...i think its very wrong to even talk about somebody before they they earn their place...its like saying Rahul and Priyanka will resurrect India....(forgive me for mentioning these undeserving names:-)


  6. Anonymous6:51 PM

    dei thuru !! (thats how Vijay is known :) ... wat do u mean "maybe after somebody cleans up the system" ? from wer do u expect this "somebody" to come from?

    U contradict urself by calling rahul & Priyanka as 'undeserving'...isnt it wrong to call someone undeserving before they earn thier place according to u? ;-)