Jan 13, 2024

Phuket FantaSea theme park

As part of our office team's off site trip, we traveled to Phuket, Thailand this year. On the first day, our evening was spent at the FantaSea night time cultural theme park. The 60 acres park has a Thai cultural theatre snow hosted in a large theatre called the 'palace of the elephants'. The 3000 capacity theatre is built in traditional Thai architecture. Phones and cameras are not allowed inside for the show. The show is a combination of Thai culture, acrobatics, magic and drama presented with awesome light and sound infused with special effects.  The performance of elephants was very entertaining. A must see if you visit Phuket.

The dinner was arranged in the Golden Kinnaree buffet restaurant. The mammoth 4000 seater restaurant has a unique Thai architectural style. The food was good and inspit of the huge capacity and crowd we found it extremely efficient and smooth in running the buffet.

The festival village around had shopping, games and many smaller restaurants & bars.  


  1. The festival looks so exquisite

  2. A 4000 seat restaurant?? Oh my goodness! Everything is so beautiful! I know you enjoyed yourself!

  3. Wow! What a mega night adventure this must have been. So much to see, to do and of course so much to eat. What a beautiful time! Thanks so much for showing us so much in Thailand. Such awesome pictures.

  4. This looks wonderful, wow, I would like to visit there. And the food looks great, too, yummy! Hugs, Valerie

  5. This looks absolutely magnificent. What a fun time you must have had with so many attractions. It's simply beautiful!

  6. Everything looks so fabulous.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan

  7. Wow! What a delight to see these photos, thank you.

  8. These are fabulous photos and a great place. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful, interesting trip.
    Thanks also for the videos. I will look at all your posts. The atmosphere of the show and the incredible selection of food is wonderful and a wonderful way to get in the mood.