May 6, 2006

Koviloor Trip...

Ever since i read about this small Temple hamlet at koviloor (some 2 kms from Karaikudi) in Chens' blog and also heard so much about it from WA , I had madeup my mind to visit it. Today was the day.
this 200 year old temple is a beautiful example of Dravidian Architecture and planning... 

seated stone cows on the temple high wall...

locals beating the afternoon summer heat in the temple pond! 

steps to the pond...can u spot the stone reptile?

water spout...mouth of a yali...

mandabam in the center of the pond...

temple interior...stone colonnaded nave... 

monolithic columns...stone sculptural architecture at its elegant best! 


capital detail...the Yali

an old woman...could she be Avaiyaar?

the koovilur madam in the distant background...


  1. Wow..Beautiful.Namma chettinad architecture,ippo replicate panna mudiyuma nu theriyalai.
    Anyways,Enjoy your vacations .

    Neenga Madurai-a ? Same pinch !

  2. Very beautiful !

  3. Excellent work by our ancestors.i'll definitely vist koviloor when i go to India next time.Good snaps Ashok.

  4. Welcome back. Awesome pics!!

  5. I remeber I have been here too, pics are beautiful.

  6. The Skylights picture is awesome. Did you ask their permission before clicking inside the temple. I asked and they refused :-(

  7. hey man
    heard a lot about u from Sumi
    wat r u doing in Kabul??
    I want to see Kabul once in my life time

  8. Anonymous6:21 PM

    The temple of course.
    I was interested about "mandaram" and clicked for it in Google - The third item was your blog on 14th of December -o5 about Pudhu Mandabam!

    It was evidently built in 1635. When was this "small" ? temple of Koviloor built?

  9. *adengappa...u r from madurai too ? :)

    *shilpa, *maran, *Deepa, *Tilo...tanx

    * visit this place, its better than wat my snaps suggest.

    *chen...yes, I got permission.They said I can't snap the deity but no problem to click the sculptures. I have clicked about 40 pics inside the temple itself...mostly architectural details which may not interest others.

    *chetan...wen can i arrange ur visa :) ?

    *granny...I was told this temple was build around 200 years ago by the king of sivagangai.

  10. Hi

    I had first heard about this temple in Chenthils blog and wanted to visit. Your photos reinforce that wish even more.


  11. The natural lighting (via sunlight) does a magic in aiding the beauty of such temples. The 8th snap is just one of its kind. Wonderful.

  12. nalla kai vellai:) and nice photos showing them in detail
    ashok, do u use these ideas... in your projects ?

  13. Architecture is wonderful, the temple tank is very beautiful, specials the green water. recently only i have come to know about Koviloor Ashram.

  14. I think old is beautiful...