Jun 4, 2023

'Saradha Nivas' at Madurai

'Saradha nivas' -  A posh residence that I had designed in the year 2004 for Mr.Jawahar at Pandikoil, Madurai. The client was very particular on following  vastu principles for planning and wanted a modern yet classical design.  The client also had lavish tastes for high-end finishes, teak wood work, Italian marble and furniture, imported fittings, Spanish tiles and many other exquisite materials. The builder was our mutual friend Mr.Balan and it was a memorable construction journey along with the Mr.Jawahar and Mr.Balan as we traveled and spent lot of time together in sourcing materials. It was an interesting experience in my early career.

The main gate 

Car porch

side gardens

Curved glass for the first time in Madurai 

Spiral staircase 

Inlay work on Italian marble at main door entry

main door

Fish tank partition in dining hall

False cailing

circular daughter's bed

With the happy Clients..

May 30, 2023

'The Blossom' at Madurai

The Blossom -  an experiment in cubistic 'solids & voids' , that I designed in the year 2003-04 for the Abrahams at the Dennys Gardens. 

It was a small site and I used the central open to sky courtyard to give the clients their desired garden (both of them were Botany Professors and loved the greenary). The Abrahams were a wonderful client who trusted my abilities and got rewarded with a straight forward elegant house that they are extremely proud of.  

May 28, 2023

Rasiq house at Madurai

A house I had designed in 2010 for Mr.Rasiq at Park town, Madurai. Mr.Rasiq had seen few of my works in my blog and contacted me to design his dream house. He was working in the middle east, I was at Bangalore and his family was at Madurai. The whole design interaction process happened only on phone and email. Of course the final product was loved by the clients. 

May 20, 2023

PCS house - a riot of colors!

I had designed this house for Mr.P.Chandrashekar's family in 2004, just before I left for Kabul. I experimented with a play of curves and colours. We made sure that the beautiful mango and neem trees in the site were preserved. The house is planned around a Courtyard that let's in abundant light and ventilation.A small but delightful project.

May 19, 2023

PKM house at Madurai

3D conceptual rendering 

 This is a house I had designed for PKM family at Anna Nagar, Madurai. My friend Mr.Balan (Ramanand builders) constructed it.