Oct 26, 2011

Cute Greetings!

Nithila's greeting card!
She did this in quick time...for her daddy:)

Oct 23, 2011

The Truth...

Photo: enroute to Pudukottai, 2006

The Truth is simple for men of every creed and rank
If you have the ears – arise from the blank
The mind is a monkey, unsteady and crank
T’will jump, swing and always confuse you with its prank.

The grass is always greener on the other bank
But once you cross the river, you’ll wonder why its lank?
Do you remember the lotus in the temple tank?
T’was beautiful to look at but when smelt, it stank!

Life’s not just a cycle where you ate and drank
A boat tossed in high seas till the day it sank
Every soul has a purpose – that’s my opinion frank
Believe you are the Best – go ahead and swank.

Happiness is in leading a life content and thank
His Hand that feeds you and shelters you from the dank.

Oct 18, 2011

Utsav 2011

Saturday evening (15th Oct) was 'Utsav 2011' at my company.I got a chance to drum after a long gap...

Oct 10, 2011

The Poet...

photo: cochin 2007

I flow in the river; fly free in the breeze
I glow in the fire and in snow I do freeze
I dance with the peacocks and cleanse in the rain
I romance with the sunflowers; in sun I too shine
I roam with the clouds and rise with the mountains
I foam with the waves and spring with the fountains
I dip in sweet honey and bloom with red roses
I skip with every bunny and race with wild horses
I creep with the ivy and with the koel I sing
I sleep on the moon and with stars I do swing
I buzz with the bees and swim with the guppies
I kiss every butterfly and play with the puppies
I sway to the thrushes and drink the morning dew
I grey with the ashes yet love the rainbow hue
I flicker with the flame; in the candle I melt
I kick every frame and write what I felt
I fume inside like magma yet I am as cold as ice
I exhume every dogma to earn my grain of rice
I dream every minute and dine without a diet
I scream yet am quiet- That’s the life of a poet…

Oct 3, 2011

The Stranger...

@KL airport, 2007

Everyday I see a stranger
    He looks the same as I
He stares at me like danger
    when I try to meet his eye.
Even though I do meet him
    Morning, noon and night
But still the fellow stays grim
    An enigma lost in light.
I wish I knew him better,
    What he thinks and why?
Does he blog and twitter?
    Does he laugh and cry?
Whose world is real I ask?
    Whose life- His or mine?
Who lives behind the mask?
    Can we swap across the line?
Everyday I see this stranger
    who looks the same as I
I see him in every mirror
    But reflections can also lie…