Aug 29, 2012

Capture the Colors!

Jeevan has invited me to participate in the Capture the Colors contest  by TravelSupermarket. I had gone thro' my Travel archives and randomly picked a few snaps that I hope will do justice to the colors.I have tried to keep the photographs as varied as possible...Let me know what you think...

  White Winter , Kabul
Temple at Bellandur, Bangalore
Young Afghans enjoying butter milk, clicked on the way to Baghram air base


an yellow house near Madurai...
a lady with hay near Dharmapuri...
a fruit seller on the streets of Shanghai...


a scene near Valayapatti...

a scene via Madurai to Karaikudi...
green pond...Nemam temple

Kabul River...a unique idea in red!

a road side shot , Kabul...
Red Meat! Food stall in a Singapore mall...

Sankee Tank at evening , Bangalore
The blue stillness of Qargha Lake, Afghanistan
Diwali celebrations in Singapore... 
I invite my blog friends Sandhya , Kavi , Vineeta, Meoww and Shilpa.
The competition rules here.

Aug 22, 2012

Liebster Award!

Mr.VGK has done it again! My Architecture blog has been passed on the "Liebster Award" by him! Thank you sir!
As "my architecture" is strictly reserved for my Architectural posts, Iam posting the award in Ashokism.
I was always wondering what this word "Liebster" meant. I guessed that its German and google translator helped me to realize that it means "Favorite" ! (Lieb = love, dear)

Now as per tradition, let me pass on this award to 13 active fellow bloggers who fall under my "Liebster" list...

1.Hilda Muxo Klinger - a very passionate artist!
2.Chitra - a fantastic photographer and a talented jewellery designer 
3.Arti - Her yatra dairy is a must read for travel lovers
4.Bob - An awesome wildlife photographer
5.Padmaja - a wonderfully talented painter ! 
6.Nora - a  painter who has set a style of her own!
7.Boo - a proud mom and a blogger of substance and wit!
8.Deepa - she has an opinion on everything....
9.Ashwathy - a creative photographer!
10. Carmen - an enthusiastic photographer and traveler.
11.Rita vaseli -  transforming emotions into water color.
12.Carol - there's always thyme to cook!
13.Meoww- an enthu photographer, doodler and cheerful blogger!

Apart from the above list, the bloggers from my list of Sunshine award and Versatile blogger award automatically fall in my Liebster list!

Now all of you can either pass on the award to your favorite blogs or keep it to yourself.

The actual secret behind my exercise is to introduce some amazing new blogs to my fellow bloggers and readers...

Aug 17, 2012

Abstract by an Architect...

Art by Ashok - 1995
a personal favorite of mine...fellow Architects might relate to this ....

Aug 1, 2012


Mr.Vai Gopalakrishnan has done a humongous job sharing this award with 108 fellow bloggers.
Thank you Sir. 
Blogger awards actually don't mean anything. But the fact that a fellow blogger appreciates you , remembers you and feels that your blog is worth his time makes these awards special. Sunshine blogger award goes to those blogs that are a source of optimism, color and zing! I pass this award to the following friends who always bring a smile to me and brighten my day with their contagious positive energy.