Dec 27, 2014

Thirunelli Temple , Kerala

Stone Aqua ducts

Stone Aqua duct

The Thirunelli Vishnu temple is located in Thirunelli village, on Bramhagiri hills north of Wayanad. No information is available on the origin of the temple. The stone structures look very old and the slope roof structure look like a later modification on an old stone temple.Thirunelli literally means " Holy Gooseberry" in Tamil. Archeological evidence suggest the importance of Thirunelli as an important town during the reign of Tamil Chera king Bhaskara Ravi Varma I (962 -1019 AD). The most notable feature is the stone aquaduct that carries fresh water from Papanasini stream right upto the priest's room.

Dec 25, 2014

Holy Trinity Church at Dubai

Visited the beautiful Holy Trinity Church in Dubai for Christmas this year...