Sep 27, 2012

Orphaned Dreams...

Fear - Poster Color - Art by Ashok (1995)
The tiring drive-
The endless road.
As reflections strive-
A cerebral load

The Frozen eyes
in despair stare;
Betrayed by Lies
Beyond repair.

Over reddened sand
the tyrants dance.
The martyr’s land
Yearns eternal trance.

As Darkness shrouds-
The silence screams.
Like wandering clouds-
Orphaned dreams.

(Written on the background of the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka)

Sep 23, 2012

a village scene...

clicked near Darmapuri 
What do you call this scene in one word?....

Sep 10, 2012

Lane Discipline

the incredible indian road...from my office window!
At least some road users are following the lane discipline! Lets learn from them... 

Sep 7, 2012


Rooster on top of it’s world!

“ Una delle amicizie di blog  più sorprendenti è stata quella con Ashok. Ashok mi ha portato in contatto con il suo mondo di Arte, Architettura e Poesia. E' un mondo così lontano dal mio che mi lascia a volte senza parole.  Dell'Oriente ,a parte  la realtà del Giappone, tutto  mi è sconosciuto.Il blog di Ashok  mi porta dunque in luoghi dove non sono mai andata e probabilmente non andrò mai: questo  architetto, attraverso gli ashokism   ha  costruito  ponte culturale tra il suo mondo ed il mio,tramite  immagini e  testi di grande sensibilità . E' un artista che dipinge e disegna opere molto originali.La scorsa settimana Ashok mi ha inserito nella sua lista di blog favoriti e questo mi ha sorpreso ed emozionato: la motivazione del premio è ...per  "la trasformazione delle emozioni in acquarelli".La  potenza del traduttore permette di  comunicare,oltre la barriera linguistica, in maniera impensabile!Ringrazio” – Painter Rita Vaselli, Italy.

Officially, now I have more virtual friends than real life friends. By virtual, I mean the pals I have made thro’ this wonderful world wide web (wwww!) in the course of nearly 8 blogging years– my fellow bloggers! Blogging has introduced me to many talented people who amaze me and many amazing people who appreciate talent.  The blog pals are so appreciative that after sometime, if you are not careful, you might start believing that you are really good. There is so much support and positive energy around that you can charge yourselves along with your mobile here and glow like a day-star! With the advent of Google Translator, the barrier of language is well and truly broken in the virtual media. I run free like an excited kid in a toy shop in this virtual world. Let me congratulate and thank all my blog pals who have made this such a wonderful experience. I feel like the rooster on top of the roof - cookarakkoooo kooo!

Sep 4, 2012


Onam is the happiest festival in my predominantly Mallu company. We get a holiday when the rest of Bangalore works. More than that, the employees get to bite the proverbial carrot that was dangling in front of them all the while – the yearly bonus!  There is excitement all around and as a lead up to the big day, the Creative Club conducted the colorful Pookkalam competition. Pookkalam is literally Poo (flower) + Kolam (patterns drawn on the floor). On the day, men and women came wearing traditional attire along with their smile. Work stations were virtually empty as different departments vied for the top spot. The basement floor where the event progressed looked and smelled like a noisy Indian flower market. The camaraderie among the employees was contagious. The senior citizens of the company came as the jury and with their somber faces gave some seriousness to the proceedings. The event concluded with the serving of Payasam. In spite of the competition results, everyone was a winner on the day!   
Festive Colors!
Team work!
working women!
in progress...
the flower girls!
Kaikotti kali...the onam dance...
Maha Bali makes an appearance...
The seriously serious Jury...
a group photo with Maha Bali!
the entry from my department...

photos courtesy my department juniors!

Sep 2, 2012

Totally Tagged!

Tags are the perfect excuse when we have nothing interesting to post…Most of you would have done a tag or at least ignored one! If you are new to blogging, don’t get too exited. Tags are a set of few (usually 11) boring questions posed by a blogger. You need to answer them with all earnesty and then tag few more bloggers with the same or alternate questions. As a rule I don’t tag others…but as I got tagged by some enthusiastic ladies, I have to be a good sport…

The first set of questions is from a fellow architect friend Anu. This was pending for quite a long time…so here goes…
  1. What does blogging mean to you? – one of the  means to document a part of my life and times…
  2. How did you get into blogging? – I didn’t have many pastimes during my  Kabul days. I started a blog to pass time!
  3. What subjects do you blog about? Pls check “Categories” on the sidebar.
  4. Which according to you was the best post? May be this or this (whats your choice?)
  5. How long have you been blogging? From 2005.
  6. Which are your favorite blogs? Refer the links:  Liebster, Sunshine and Versatile bloggers
  1. Name 2 bloggers you are dying to meet? Why just 2? Would love to meet all of you!
  2. What is the most annoying trait that you have come across in the blogoshere? "Word verification" for comments. I hate it...please remove it from your blog…
  3. When met with bloggers block, how do you overcome it? By doing Tag posts ;) 
  4. Where do you get support from as far as blogging is concerned? Fellow bloggers like you…
  5. Where do you see yourself as a blogger  10 years from now? Come back to Ashokism after 10 years to find out for yourself.

The second set of questions is from my friend Meoww (ya, I too wish I knew her name)…so here goes…
1. What does blogging mean to you? – answered in previous tag ( I think this is the most popular tag question)
2. Name the person who influenced you the most – Ilayaraja thro' his Music!
3. Which is the last book you read? Check this 
4. Which are the subjects you hated most in school? Chemistry
5. If you were to become a sports celebrity overnight, who wud you choose ?- None
6. Name your dream travel destination – Himalayas  (India) ; Alps (abroad)
7. Describe your job briefly- Designing built environment!
8. What is your alternative career option? – Archeologist?
9. Do you really think the world will come to an end after Dec 2012? – Yes, it has to come to an end at some point of time.
10. What are the things you would like to do before you die? – build my very own house in my own terms.
11. Your views on television soaps? – Great! They give me 2 hours of disturbance free time everyday at home :)  !!