Dec 13, 2017

Colors in Architecture...

Chidambaram School at Valayapatti, a small village in Ponnamaravathi (Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu). I had designed this school for my friend CT sometime of Colors to keep the spaces lively for the children...!

Dec 6, 2017

Daily checks !

Phase 1 of my project is handed over and is getting occupied.During one of my site rounds, I found an occupant's bicycle parked in the basement and something caught my eye on the hand bar. Closer examination revealed some interesting notes - "daily checks"and "Do's and Dont's"!
 ...he must be a real life "Ghajini'  !!!

Dec 5, 2017

Frozen moments...

The beautiful tortoises at the Nandhi theertha temple Malleshwaram

Dec 3, 2017

Temples of Malleshwaram

The Nandheeshwara temple ( opposite to the Gangamma temple on the 15th cross Malleshwaram) is a Mystery temple. The discovery of the temple is an interesting story narrated by my local colleague Anil.The temple lay beneath the muddy land and used to be the play ground of local kids. In 1997, a local politician sold the land to a builder who was to develop a commercial building. When the land was cleared and digging started, a courtyard with stone pillars showed up. The local residents took up a fierce protest and reclaimed the land. Further excavation by the ASI revealed a temple intact with a central pond. The highlight was the Nandhi ( cow ) made of black granite with water flowing out of its mouth and falling down on a shivalingam below and flowing to the pond. The mechanism of water falling from the Nandi's mouth remains a mystery. Another unique fact is that this temple faces the south which is a rarity. There is no conclusive data on the origin or timeline of this temple.

The Temples of Malleshwaram

Sri Gangamma devi Temple

Kadu Malleshwara temple

Lakshmi Narashima swamy temple

Mallashwaram in Bangalore derives its name from the 'kadu Malai Eshwaran Temple' (Kadu meaning Forest and Malai meaning Hill). As the name suggests, it would have been originally a small forest temple dedicated to Shiva that would have been later expanded and built over by later rulers.The style is Dravidian Architecture. The other beautiful temples along the Kadu Malleshwaram temple are the Sri Gangamma devi temple and Lakshmi Narashima swamy temple.