Mar 27, 2023

Cherry blossoms..

Bangalore is covered in pink now...Cherry blossoms everywhere on the way...

Mar 22, 2023

Signs of Summer...

Ice apples from Palmyra fruits ( nongu)

Tabebuias in full bloom

Cherry blossoms 🌸 

Mar 20, 2023

'All is Well' - Dan Whittemore

Have you listned to Dan Whittemore?

In the early 80's we had a Gramophone at home and mostly we got to play only Tamil Gospel songs. So when we got this English gospel gramophone record, it was a big excitement!  It was an album by Dan Whittemore and it had 10 beautiful  numbers. I was hooked on to it, especially the fast number "no power shortage". But one song "all is well" was my favorite then.. I tried to remember the lyrics today...after nearly four decades and surprisingly got it back in my mind...

Do you belive in life of first two highways-

The one that leads to heaven and one to hell?

Well if you do then go and tell the nations of the world

Tell them what it means to say that 'all is well'

All is well, all is well, all is well, all is well

Little children we can know, that 'all is well'

If we keep fellowship with the saviour 

And daily seek his favour 

When He comes back we will know that 'all is well'

Jesus is the only way to heaven

The path that we must follow is God's words

Prepare yourselves and go and tell your neighbors 

Tell them what it means to know that 'all is well '

All is well,  all is well,  all is well, all is well

All is well,  all is well,  all is well, all is well...

I tried searching for this album on the internet. I could find few other albums of Whittemore but not this one. If any of you could trace it, please let me know.

Mar 19, 2023

The tower...

150 year old Crawford market tower at a distance 

 Mumbai on the way

Mar 17, 2023

Colors of Bombay !


Elphinstone building

The Municipal Corporation building

Crawford market tower

Mumbai , earlier known as Bombay has an old world charm of its own! Few Random clicks as I was cutting through the city...

Mar 16, 2023


I clicked these colorful gentlemen on my way in Mumbai. My local Architect friend Poonam explained their background to me...

These colorful gentlemen are known as "Vasudevs". They are a wandering tribe of Krishna worshippers and traditional 'fortune tellers' who move from village to village in olden days. People await their arrival to hear good news! They sing bhakti songs  and survive on alms from people.

Mar 15, 2023

Mar 14, 2023

Colors of Mumbai...

Sachin Tendulkar- the local cricket hero

 Random clicks on the way... 

Visited Mumbai after 2 years... 

Mar 13, 2023

Residence at SIT, Kariapatti, 2004-05


Another  interesting project from my early career...

A palatial  residence  I had designed for the Chairman of SIT at Kariapatti ( year 2004-05). The site was within the  institute  campus. The design brief was to reflect a touch of Islamic architecture with a statement of opulence  encompassing the  lifestyle of the family aswell!

I couldn't oversee the final finishing stage of construction  as I had moved to Kabul. The contractor  was my friend Mr.Balan (Ramanand builders) who made sure the structure came out to the satisfaction of the clients.