Dec 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Nithila with her Christmas Tree " Merry Christmas"

Nithila's Santa !!

Dec 20, 2012

A Poet's Questions!?

Photo: Chaliyar river, Kozhikode

Like frightened birds
From my pen fly the words.
Where are the branches to perch?

Like a string less kite
All wayward in its flight
Why do I hopelessly lurch?

Like a midnight flower
I am wilting at this hour
Who has caused me this smirch?

Like an oar less boat
With the current I float.
What are the answers I search? 

Dec 15, 2012


Nithila at L'amicale Club, Chennai

"Papa, Please
tell me why- 
the sky's so high 
and the cows
don't fly?" 
To my daughter -
I had no reply....
....... sigh!!!

Dec 8, 2012

Time! Ephemeral...

Time, Poster color on Paper- art by ashok
Time! Ephemeral earthly days
Freaking, fleeing like frightened prey. 
With every tick the clock says, 
Numbered is your noisy fray". 
Eternal race, here no one stays; 
Passing Puppets in this phony play. 
Colors melt and fall into grays; 
the countdown ends– wither away! 
The mind thinks in surreal ways; 
Realizing not the impending slay. 
Shunning, running from the moral rays; 
O! Frivolous, fleeting, living clay!

Dec 5, 2012

My Life

I run
A reckless race
At a hectic pace;
A discontent chase
in a twisted maze. 

I feel
The passing days
And parting ways
With every new face
A blurring haze. 

I live
A life in disgrace;
The shallow place;
Cramped in space
Painted in grays. 

I await
The smallest trace
The morning rays
That can efface
My past malaise…