Dec 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Nithila with her Christmas Tree " Merry Christmas"

Nithila's Santa !!

Dec 20, 2012

A Poet's Questions!?

Photo: Chaliyar river, Kozhikode

Like frightened birds
From my pen fly the words.
Where are the branches to perch?

Like a string less kite
All wayward in its flight
Why do I hopelessly lurch?

Like a midnight flower
I am wilting at this hour
Who has caused me this smirch?

Like an oar less boat
With the current I float.
What are the answers I search? 

Dec 15, 2012


Nithila at L'amicale Club, Chennai

"Papa, Please
tell me why- 
the sky's so high 
and the cows
don't fly?" 
To my daughter -
I had no reply....
....... sigh!!!

Dec 8, 2012

Time! Ephemeral...

Time, Poster color on Paper- art by ashok
Time! Ephemeral earthly days
Freaking, fleeing like frightened prey. 
With every tick the clock says, 
Numbered is your noisy fray". 
Eternal race, here no one stays; 
Passing Puppets in this phony play. 
Colors melt and fall into grays; 
the countdown ends– wither away! 
The mind thinks in surreal ways; 
Realizing not the impending slay. 
Shunning, running from the moral rays; 
O! Frivolous, fleeting, living clay!

Dec 5, 2012

My Life

I run
A reckless race
At a hectic pace;
A discontent chase
in a twisted maze. 

I feel
The passing days
And parting ways
With every new face
A blurring haze. 

I live
A life in disgrace;
The shallow place;
Cramped in space
Painted in grays. 

I await
The smallest trace
The morning rays
That can efface
My past malaise…

Nov 28, 2012

The Leeches...

In Abstract thoughts they float
I detest their very sight
They see themselves and gloat
Parasites all dressed in white

Hollow lives of Wanton pride
With Promises not worth a dime
All naked -nowhere to hide
The Stinking lowly grime

With deceiving empty speeches
Suck the blood of common folk
Hail! All my country's leeches
In Parliament house they croak

Nov 23, 2012

The Shameless thing!

Like a fat flightless bird flapping its wing   
Noising aloud yet No action to sing; 
Looting the Nation and Living like a king   
Is the Politician– the most shameless thing!

I was shocked with this atrocious incident. A blatant and shameful violation of the freedom of expression. I thought I lived in a free country.... Check here and show your support.

Nov 20, 2012

Utsav 2012

Utsav- surreal steps!

Archi girls set the stage on fire!

Golden Butterflies...

setting the mood..
Sudharshan with the girls...

CRM girls on the high!
Archi boys with the "funny dance"

Arnav and Divya hit the high notes...

Rajith & Mukundan -"why this kolaveri?"

Mukundan with Ashok - a surprise package :)

Magesh - the star singer

Ashok rolling the drums...
Our company's annual cultural festival - UTSAV was held on the 17th Nov. The Dance and Music shows were the highlight and kept the audience on their feet. The corporate band "rhythm" played about 12 songs and I was on the drum. One of the singers was down with a sore throat and I was requested to take the mike for that song- a surprise package for everyone including  myself!

Photo Credits : Shakir

Nov 18, 2012


Pencil sketch by ashok

Revolution is Not by Gun; 
Not by tears nor by blood; 
But by the pen of a rational head 
And a million voices in unison.

Nov 12, 2012

The End Game...


The day is dragging to an end   
    The pen is losing ink.   
The journey on the final bend   
     The ship is eager to sink.   
The trophies that once spoke his fame;   
    Now faded, jaded in rust.   
Memories frozen in photo frame;   
    Forgotten - gathering dust.   
Metal and paper saved in bank;   
    His life times labor and toil.   
Hardly matter and add to blank   
    when it’s time to hit the soil.   
The candle melts by his bedside;   
    An ominous flickering flame.   
His wall clock ticks and waits to decide;   
    There’s no winner in this game. 

Nov 6, 2012

Nov 1, 2012


Now I see the Light in front,
My night is turned to day;
All this while I was Ignorant;
But now enlightened- my way!
Step by step I carefully tread
Every pot hole I clearly see;
Chased the ghosts I used to dread;
I am reborn with a heart in glee!

Oct 28, 2012


“You write about the beauty of the moon! 
Hey poet, do you realize that 
The light is mine?” –The Sun… 
“You sing about the beauty of the rain! 
Hey poet, do you realize that 
The water is mine?” – The Cloud… 
“You pen about the beauty of the river! 
Hey Poet, do you realize that 
The source is mine?” – The Mountain… 
“You praise about the beauty of the flower! 
Hey poet, do you realize that 
The hard work is mine? – The Plant 
The Poet realized. 
But God just smiled…. 

Oct 18, 2012


 Art by Ashok

The Pickled soul   
        Trapped in a bottle-   
                  Hot, sweet and sour; 
The Abysmal hole   
           Clueless battle;   
                    The Lust for more and more. 
A spark, a desire-   
         Ignites the prattle   
                  That ends in a pit or pyre. 
The Infinite spire;   
        The Tongues tattle;   
                   In silence the Words disappear… 
The strong survive;   
          The weak rattle;   
                  From this escape none. 
There’s no reprieve;   
         The Scattered cattle;   
                  All slaughtered one by one. 

Oct 9, 2012

The Lonely Road...

Photo: kotiyur 2011

The Lonely road meanders through
Yellow fields and shady green;
The sky has started to lose its blue;
The wind is dry, I roll the side screen
I make a choice at the dusty Vee
There’s not a soul as far as I could see;
My journey so far- a nonstop spree
But now I need to stop and pee;

I park the car by the peepal tree,
Over the carpet of dried brown leaves
I relieve and set my bladder free
But my heart heaves and the mind grieves:
Have I taken the futile route?
Will it be late for a U turn now?
Why do I get this nagging doubt
that I could’ve missed a Sign somehow?

A small prayer and I check my phone
As though by miracle the signal’s back
I cross a bridge and lo! A milestone!
With a renewed hope I hit the track;
I ignore the potholes and up the gear;
The lonely road will find my town;
The silver lining on the cloud seems near
On the lonely road as the sun goes down.

[another one from my archives...08.09.2011]

Oct 2, 2012

The Bitter Seeds...

Forlorn faces raining tears
Like murky monsoon clouds;
Tossed between hope and fears
Like children lost in crowds.

As fragile as an autumn leaf
That sways to the moody breeze;
A life docile that hangs in grief
Fallen even by a sleazy sneeze.

The bitter seeds buried in time
And watered by sweat and tears;
Will sprout one day from their bloody grime
And live a thousand years.

(Concluded.  -Continued from my previous post)

Sep 27, 2012

Orphaned Dreams...

Fear - Poster Color - Art by Ashok (1995)
The tiring drive-
The endless road.
As reflections strive-
A cerebral load

The Frozen eyes
in despair stare;
Betrayed by Lies
Beyond repair.

Over reddened sand
the tyrants dance.
The martyr’s land
Yearns eternal trance.

As Darkness shrouds-
The silence screams.
Like wandering clouds-
Orphaned dreams.

(Written on the background of the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka)

Sep 23, 2012

a village scene...

clicked near Darmapuri 
What do you call this scene in one word?....

Sep 10, 2012

Lane Discipline

the incredible indian road...from my office window!
At least some road users are following the lane discipline! Lets learn from them... 

Sep 7, 2012


Rooster on top of it’s world!

“ Una delle amicizie di blog  più sorprendenti è stata quella con Ashok. Ashok mi ha portato in contatto con il suo mondo di Arte, Architettura e Poesia. E' un mondo così lontano dal mio che mi lascia a volte senza parole.  Dell'Oriente ,a parte  la realtà del Giappone, tutto  mi è sconosciuto.Il blog di Ashok  mi porta dunque in luoghi dove non sono mai andata e probabilmente non andrò mai: questo  architetto, attraverso gli ashokism   ha  costruito  ponte culturale tra il suo mondo ed il mio,tramite  immagini e  testi di grande sensibilità . E' un artista che dipinge e disegna opere molto originali.La scorsa settimana Ashok mi ha inserito nella sua lista di blog favoriti e questo mi ha sorpreso ed emozionato: la motivazione del premio è ...per  "la trasformazione delle emozioni in acquarelli".La  potenza del traduttore permette di  comunicare,oltre la barriera linguistica, in maniera impensabile!Ringrazio” – Painter Rita Vaselli, Italy.

Officially, now I have more virtual friends than real life friends. By virtual, I mean the pals I have made thro’ this wonderful world wide web (wwww!) in the course of nearly 8 blogging years– my fellow bloggers! Blogging has introduced me to many talented people who amaze me and many amazing people who appreciate talent.  The blog pals are so appreciative that after sometime, if you are not careful, you might start believing that you are really good. There is so much support and positive energy around that you can charge yourselves along with your mobile here and glow like a day-star! With the advent of Google Translator, the barrier of language is well and truly broken in the virtual media. I run free like an excited kid in a toy shop in this virtual world. Let me congratulate and thank all my blog pals who have made this such a wonderful experience. I feel like the rooster on top of the roof - cookarakkoooo kooo!

Sep 4, 2012


Onam is the happiest festival in my predominantly Mallu company. We get a holiday when the rest of Bangalore works. More than that, the employees get to bite the proverbial carrot that was dangling in front of them all the while – the yearly bonus!  There is excitement all around and as a lead up to the big day, the Creative Club conducted the colorful Pookkalam competition. Pookkalam is literally Poo (flower) + Kolam (patterns drawn on the floor). On the day, men and women came wearing traditional attire along with their smile. Work stations were virtually empty as different departments vied for the top spot. The basement floor where the event progressed looked and smelled like a noisy Indian flower market. The camaraderie among the employees was contagious. The senior citizens of the company came as the jury and with their somber faces gave some seriousness to the proceedings. The event concluded with the serving of Payasam. In spite of the competition results, everyone was a winner on the day!   
Festive Colors!
Team work!
working women!
in progress...
the flower girls!
Kaikotti kali...the onam dance...
Maha Bali makes an appearance...
The seriously serious Jury...
a group photo with Maha Bali!
the entry from my department...

photos courtesy my department juniors!