Feb 29, 2020

Architecture panel discussion

I was part of an interesting panel discussion with some eminent and talented Architects at the "Architecture in the age of Millennials" conference -  conducted by Conscious Bengaluru at Palace Grounds.

Feb 4, 2020

The Empty Well...

I stare all day at the scorching sky
I have shed my last tear
I echo my ache to the passerby
Hoping that he may hear

The nights are dreary dark and dry
Forlorn with shadows grim
I dream of the days long gone by
when water overflowed my brim

Once I was the village star
The maidens thronged my wheel
overheard their tales of love and war
And gossips I can't reveal

Now dried and drained- a life futile
Alone and left to fade
My only guest an odd reptile
that has slithered in for summer shade

Bury me I pray or save me I thirst
I hate this living death
Open I lie with sorrows submersed
A meaningless hole on Earth.

Image from Google

Feb 2, 2020

Foot prints !


Gathering thoughts
In your pregnant mind;
Set them free
With your pen Unbind.
The canvas is dirty
Take up the brush;
Reinvent yourself
With colors afresh.
Open your windows
Let the breeze flow;
Purging your temple
Steady and slow.
Only if you listen
Answers you can hear;
Receding echoes
Afar yet so near.
You cannot see
If you open your eyes;
The world is inside
Awaken! Arise!

Feb 1, 2020


 My School pal Vinod who lives in the US requested me to design a Logo for a non profit charity organization called 'Naam' ( meaning "We" in Tamil and Malayalam) in which he was an active member. My suggestion was the letters nAAM representing people (of different colors) holding hands...with the caption 'together we serve'.
However, the organization went for another logo as they felt this one didn't carry enough visual appeal. None the less, I greatly enjoy such quick creative works.