Jan 27, 2013

This Poet...

This Poet is a poor man 
A homeless carefree bird 
He tries as much as he can 
But he only has his word 
In silence weaves his vivid verse 
He rhymes and chimes with rain 
Whether they be long or terse 
He pens his joy and pain 
This poet is a fearless man
Save his creator, fears none 
Believes himself, rather than 
On providence to get things done 
They laugh at him and do call him 
An idealist lost in time 
Fancy’s child of endless whim 
Nature dances to his rhyme 
This poet is a vagabond 
His home is with the trees 
At natures bosom and far beyond 
He sits to pen at ease 
He stays awake on starry nights 
To gaze at the endless sky 
He drifts along the celestial lights 
Inspiration for the inward eye 
This poet speaks nothing but 
The truth and simple things 
He flies away from the daily rut 
On his colorful poetic wings 

Jan 22, 2013

Blog of the year 2012

dsnake1 (Cheong lee san) has nominated this blog for the "Blog of the year 2012" award at the "thought palette"...A great way to start this year for my blog! Thanks Cheong for the sweet gesture.I am truly overwhelmed.

I nominate Ramblings & Musings and Fools rush in for the award. Congrats RK and Granny Annie. I admire you both for your enthusiasm and the color you add to the blogosphere. Keep it up!

Jan 19, 2013

Run Run...

Hey! Slacker, Run for the cup
Fore’ you fade into the frantic crowd
The world forgets the runner-up
Glory only to the winner proud

The track is warm but the wind is cold
The race is short-so don’t be cowed
Run for glory, run for the Gold
Don’t you hear the clapping aloud?

Race toward the finishing rope
Like lightning from a darkened cloud
With long strides of pride and hope
Run for honor and believe you could

Pull every muscle for the final run
This is the day, a dream avowed
Run, Run – you’re second to none
There’s the podium and victory shroud! 

Jan 15, 2013

Happy Pongal!

a scene near Thirupatur...
Farmers eagerly waiting for customers to buy their Sugarcane.Their Face tells the story....With the new generation more interested in burgers and Pizza's, sugarcane as a Pongal season delicacy is fast becoming history....

Along the Temple wall
A farmer sits all day
With Sugarcane so sweet
Yet, none to buy at all
With sadness in his eye
He looks at every passerby
As If to ponder why
Why none stop to buy?

The festival that he knew
The overflowing pot
The overflowing joy
And a beginning new
are just delusions now
A hopeless holy cow
A future bleak, unsure
With a pointless plough

Times are changing fast
Fresh shoots forget the roots
The meanings that he knew
are figments of the past
The generation of today
Behind burgers, buns & fries
Realize not the bliss
Of Nature’s simple way

 Pongal will remain
Another holiday forever
In memories so sweet
Like his unsold sugarcane
Next year he might have
To a builder sold his land
Then sit by the Temple and laugh
At what we’ll never have…

Ashokism Award 2012 - Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom - easily my choice for the movie of the year. This is just brilliant ...in every aspect. Debutant director Balaji Tharanitharan has picked a bizarre real life incident and weaved it into a brilliant plot with a near perfect screen play. The movie kept me on the edge and maintained its distinct humour mixed tension throughout. The entire cast is brilliant. Vijay Sethupathi is perfect for the role. His dialogue "enna achhu..." never bores you even after its umpteenth repetition. Bagavathy aka Bugs needs special mention for his brilliant portrayal of himself.
On the whole- A thoroughly enjoyable entertainer. Well done Balaji.

The other interesting or impressive attempts of 2012 are Pizza and Vazakku enn 18/9.
Pa.Ranjith's Attakkathi is another out of the box movie I enjoyed.

Jan 12, 2013

A drop of rain...

Photo : ashok

Dusty wind –
        Dry leaves fly
Drunken clouds;
        Monsoon days
I look up
        The sullen sky
A drop of rain
        On my face

A Parched life
        Behind a mask
Caught in the arid
        Everyday grind
Few more drops
        Are all I ask
To cool my weary
        Worn out mind

With open arms
        The path I walk
No umbrella;
        No rain coat;
I crave to dance
        Like a peacock
A poet, a child,
        A carefree heart


Jan 8, 2013

Feathered friends

Art by Ashok

There were once I remember
Noisy morning pleasures;
Cute little browny sparrows
Life’s sweet, simple refreshers.

Chirping by my window
They woke me every morn;
Pecking on the glass pane
When my day was born

The birdbath in my court
Where they used to throng
Their favorite social spot
To preen and tweet their song

The city is now grown-
Concrete, Traffic and smoke.
Where trees swayed and bloomed-
Cars and crowds choke

The court is now deserted
My feathered friends are gone;
The Birdbath breeds mosquitoes;
In silence breaks the dawn

I stare at my glass window;
Through soot I see the future;
Looting, losing as we speak
The simple pleasures of nature

Today my daughter asked me 
 “What are sparrows dad?”
“Sweet little chirpers”, I told her
“Feathered friends I once had”. 

Jan 4, 2013

My Poetry

When they’re bold
They’ll make you freeze.
When they’re cold
They’ll make you sneeze.

When they’re easy
They’ll feel like grease.
When they’re crazy
They’ll cut the cheese.

When they’re soulful
Your heart they’ll squeeze.
When they’re joyful
You’ll feel the breeze.

When they’re profound
They’ll bring you peace.
When they propound
You’ll bend your knees.

When they’re livid
You’ll wilt and wheeze.
When they’re vivid
They’re Nirvana’s keys!