Feb 27, 2012

My first Tag ...The Eleven !

Somehow I have not found time in the past few days for a fresh post...I was merely keeping the blog alive with poetry from the archives. Thanks to Sandya I have at least found something new to post. I have never done a tag-post in my blog before as I had never found them creative or interesting...but today I thought it’s OK since I was requested by a good friend and anyways I didn’t have anything better to post :)

Go here to get the rules…but I have decided not to tag you :) so relax , go ahead and read my answers to Sandya's Q.s...

1. Do you remember your first day in school? - No...but I remember the last day :(

2. Your favorite song which you hum often. – Mostly Ilayaraja’s numbers..Unable to single out any one.

3. Which was your favorite subject in school? - Geography...

4. Are you happy with yourself always, well... most of the time, for what you are today? - Yes

5. Role model in your life? - None

6. Have you got the habit of cursing often?! - No

7. What do you do when you are very happy?- Conversely, Iam happiest when I am designing or Playing music.

8. Do you believe in God or destiny or luck? – I believe that God decides our destiny and Luck!

9. Any regrets in life? - I regret not having documented most my art work during school & college days.

10. A sweet memory which you talk about often? – Sweet memories are the fun I had with my school friends...but I rarely talk about them ;)

11. Do you think you are a good son, daughter, brother, sister, spouse, parent? – I try... but honestly No!...an Architect rarely is :) 

Feb 14, 2012

The Perfect Dame

Her Sparkling Eyes
That blush and blaze -
A spring of love!
A well of grace!

Her careless looks
From a flawless face -
Tear my heart
In a thousand ways!

Her lovely lips-
A heaven on Earth;
Whose honey and milk
Will fill my dearth!

Her winning smiles
that melt my heart;
Pierce my soul
Like an arrow dart!

Her flowing tress
That scents the breeze;
Stops my breath
And makes me freeze!

Her mystic eyes
that hold me a slave-
Will haunt me even after
I hit my grave!

Her divine voice
That fills the calm -
For my tragic heart,
A magic balm!

Her royal air,
Her electric charm-
Shock my mind
What lovely harm!

What sinuous art!
What chiseled frame!
I've seen at last
The Perfect Dame!