Mar 26, 2005


art by ashok

I linger alone in dreams of her,
Be it day or night!
I see her here, I see her there,
I see her everywhere!

Alone I walked this crowded world,
Searching for answers in despair;
At last I’ve found my heart’s beloved;
No one, but for her, I respire.

My mind, once a heath dismal,
Is now a garden in blossom;
I hear the name of my divine damsel
In every thud against my bosom!

She may be far, too far to find-
For her footsteps I hear no more;
But still her Face haunts my mind-
For only her, as a woman, I adore!

She’s the rainbow of my sky!
She’s the sunshine of my life!
She’s my soul’s inner cry!
She’s my music! My Wife!

I loiter alone in dreams of her,
Be it day or night
I see her here, I see her there,
I see her everywhere!

[another poem written long ago...]

My Place...

The Tree- digital art by ashok

I have a place for me;
For me alone to rest;
From there I could see,
the birds over their nest.

A stream clatters, chatters by;
Where happy fishes swim;
It makes my spirit go high;
Spurting over the brim.

I have a place for me;
A place for me to sleep;
In the shade of a tree,
Sheltered form the cloud’s weep;

From there I see a majestic hill
Crowned gold by sun at dawn;
I see a lake stagnant and still,
From the place I was born.

I have a place for me;
For me alone to play and sing;
Just like a busy buzzing bee;
I only lack its wing.

The wine in the air makes me lull,
Amidst the flowers- red and yellow;
Tis a place so sweet, never ever dull,
Where the green grasses-my bed & pillow!

[One of my my oldest surviving school day poems, written in 1989]

Mystic eyes...

In her Eyes I behold
a thousand stars twinkle
Songs sung, Stories told
and battles fought and won;
Streams gush and quickly run;
The flowers laugh in fun;
Natures beauty seen in one
in her Mystic eyes alone

The day may turn to night;
The sun may lose his might;
But still I’ll get the light
From those sparkling Eyes.
Never once I’ve heard her voice
Yet still I talk with her;
Sweet and wise she replies
Through those Mystic Eyes

Barren the rivers may turn
Lo!The clouds may deny rain
Of thirst the world may burn
But I’ll never fear the worst
For I’ll quench my thirst
with looks no spring can equal
From the corners of her eyes
Those magic Mystic Eyes!

[written in 1991]

To The Dark Sleep...

digital art by ashok

Hark! Dark sleep, do not touch me;
For I have works left undone;
Show not your deep dark face for me to see
thou this world be a burden.

Never err to trow I fear you;
T’is not for fear I ask you to lurk.
I would‘ve hugged you days ago,
Had I done my life’s work;

And when I have carved my name,
In the very highest of the peaks;
And won a bagful of fame,
To become someone, someone proudly speaks:

Let then your cold hands touch my chest;
For then I’ll be needing, seeking, rest...

[another one of my school day poems, written in 1991...probably my first attempt on a Sonnet!]

Alone !....

digital art by ashok

Was she a rainbow or was she an angel
     Or Heaven itself in flesh?
A fragrance out of earth, I tell,
     where springs of beauty rush!

She flowed or flew - I never knew,
     For she scarcely rose her feet;
She moved like the dance of a breeze anew,
     Her rhythm - my heart beat!

Far lovely than a cloudless night
    With a million stars and moon;
There my woman, wondrously bright,
    In a grace - her own!

A simple Smile stopped my breath,
      I gasped to find my tone;
A careless look set fire the hearth;
      I thought I’d follow soon!

Her Silence was so eloquent;
    Please don't ask me how;
I understood every word, it went-
     Love, Love and Love!

I must burst out at her lap,
     One kiss and be done;
I threw myself... next what did hap?
     I do remember none!

For, by my bed, with a swollen head,
      I was all alone!
With eyes too red & a heart of Lead,
      As usual all alone!

[This poem probably was written in 1994. One of my personal favorites and reading this always gives me a smile.]

Lady In Red....

Photo: at a Bangalore restaurant

In my veins, she is in my blood;
Ya, the color of love is Red;
Every thought in my head
Ends with this Lady in red!

In my sweetest dreams & nightmares wild,
O' how I love this Red!
Is she a woman or just a child?
Or just a flower instead!

Full of tears and fears I ask,
With eyes stained in red -
Will she come 'fore its dusk?
Will she 'fore its dead?

I tear my heart, I tear my soul;
Will she know they're red?
Will she hold me like a bowl?
And kiss me with her Red?

I hate the night, I hate the day;
There's no rest in bed;
Like a breeze will she take me away?
I’ am a feather that’s shed!

What grace her face, a mystic place -
Where all my thoughts are fed;
She came and went, her only trace-
My heart, where her footprints tread!

She's in me, yet she's gone;
Nothing else remains to be said!
When everyone thinks, I’ am lost and done-
I'll be with my Lady in Red!

[This poem was written in 1995 and remains a favorite among my friends.  ]

Mar 15, 2005

Let Me Go....

digital art by ashok

If all are born fair and free
Why this darkness everywhere?
This silent noise, this mad spree,
I feel inside is hard to bear;
I strain my eyes but all I see
are blank walls of despair;

Why I fell in this whirlpool?
Who colored my world so grey?
Am I just fate’s tool?
I search for answers all day;
Am I wrong or just a fool?
Give my Life, that’s all I pray;

What I did to creep in bondage?
Let me know, then give the blow;
Why am I to sleep in a cage?
I want flowers, let me go;
Let not sweat, let not blood,
But dew drops cold, wet my brow;

Why in murk I spend my Years?
I am in fetters, I know not why?
No more darkness, no more Tears;
I want to hear the cuckoo's cry;
No more empty dreams in fears;
I want the sun, I want the sky;

Fishes swim and butterflies fly
And stars twinkle in the high;

So let me go to feast my eye
Fore I say my last good bye;
O let me go and feast my eye,
I will live my life and die...............

(I wrote this for a school poetry competetion in LOSA'1991...Ofcourse, it did'nt win me a prize...)