Jan 22, 2015

Coffee Museum..Dubai

The Coffee Museum in Dubai is a must visit place for tourists...It gives you a complete history of Coffee and you get to taste some authentic styles of coffee like Arabian, Ethiopian and Japanese. The Museum is colorful yet traditional...I had a taste of the Arabian black coffee and had a few relaxing minutes in the lounge...

my brewer of local Arabic coffee

Jan 21, 2015

Dubai Architecture & Heritage

at the historic Architectural Heritage Society

The famous Coins Museum

Court at the coins museum

Traditional lounge

traditional court


view from roof...

Coins on display

View from the Terrace 


wind tower

Traditional entry

traditional Door


street furniture

cart in the court

Jan 20, 2015

Al Barajeel, Dubai

The Wind Towers of Old Dubai - the Al Barajeel ...traditional architectural devices to catch the sea breeze and ventilate the traditional houses. Wind towers varied in design and decoration and generally the Bedroom tower was the highest with the most decoration in a house.

Jan 19, 2015

Dubai Creek...

The winter weather made my walk in the Bur Dubai creek area very pleasant. Small boats ferry you across the creek for just 1 Dhiram.